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Dot and Lola Redefine Hospitality and Beauty Industries with Sustainable, Professional Hair and Skincare Solutions

Leicestershire based Dot and Lola, a pioneering force in sustainable beauty, are proud to announce the launch of their plant-based, refillable hair and skincare products tailored for the hospitality industry. With a commitment to disrupting the status quo in cosmetics, Dot and Lola’s innovative approach has already garnered three prestigious awards and established partnerships with esteemed institutions such as the Mandarin Oriental and the Association of Reflexology UK.
In an era where consumers demand transparency and sustainability from the products they use, Dot and Lola have answered the call with their mindful blend of hair and skincare solutions. Founder Gavin Taylor, with a vision to transform the industry, aims to challenge conventional norms and propel the beauty sector towards a more environmentally conscious future.
“The elephant in the room is business as usual and the 2030 target. What’s wrong with now?” questions Taylor, emphasising the urgency of addressing sustainability concerns within the beauty industry.
Dot and Lola’s product line not only champions sustainability but also prioritises professional quality and convenience. Designed for hotels, hair salons, and the retail sector, their offerings are crafted using infinitely recyclable aluminium and UK-made, biodegradable ingredients. By embracing refillable packaging and sustainable manufacturing practices, Dot and Lola not only reduce waste but also provide cost-effective solutions for businesses while offering guests and consumers a conscious product that cares for both them and the planet.
“Our mission is clear – to provide businesses and consumers with high-quality, sustainable alternatives that make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on efficacy or luxury,” says Taylor.
With Dot and Lola’s disruptive approach, the beauty industry is poised for a transformative shift towards sustainability and mindfulness. As the company sets its sights on a global scale, they invite partners and stakeholders to join them in redefining the way beauty products are made, used, and perceived.
For more information, visit or contact Gavin (+44 07758160005).

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**About Dot and Lola:**
Dot and Lola is a leading provider of sustainable hair and skincare solutions for the hospitality industry, hair salons, and the retail sector. Committed to disrupting the status quo in the beauty industry, Dot and Lola’s products are crafted with plant-based, refillable formulations and environmentally friendly packaging, setting a new standard for conscious consumption. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, Dot and Lola are driving positive change within the beauty industry and beyond.
Gavin Taylor
+44 07758160005

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