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‘Don’t Burnout, Stand Out’: The keys to entrepreneurial success without the sacrifice from Bethany Ainsley

Life as an entrepreneur can feel like 100-miles an hour. There is always something else to be done to keep the business thriving, and the constant pressure to perform well can become overwhelming and stressful. With, according to FreeAgent, 51% of UK business owners having experienced burnout since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic,  Bethany Ainsley believes that to achieve success, business owners must stop burning the candle at both ends. To avoid burnout, balancing working life and wellbeing should be non-negotiable.

Bethany is a corporate wellbeing specialist, coach, and entrepreneur, and for more than a decade has provided award-winning services alongside her team, helping thousands of people improve their health and wellbeing. In her new book Don’t Burn Out, Stand Out, she explains how people can operate effectively as a business leader, whilst improving their health, wellbeing and personal lives at the same time.

Broken down into easy-to-read chapters, the book outlines Bethany’s PROSPER model, a summary of the seven key characteristics entrepreneurs need to harmonise their health, wellbeing and working lives.

Drawing on Bethany’s wealth of expertise combined with stories from both her own journey and the lives of other successful entrepreneurs, the book is a masterclass in how to prevent burnout without sacrificing business performance.

Throughout, she explores a range of psychological theories and wellbeing techniques, as well as topics such as time management, navigating imposter syndrome, identifying purpose, overcoming procrastination and optimising the working environment. The book reinforces the fact that when business leaders neglect themselves, it can lead to irritability, fatigue, low mood, stress, and illness, all of which pose both a risk to personal happiness and the health of any business.

Don’t Burn Out, Stand Out is a must-read for entrepreneurs that worry about taking time away from work to recharge. Recommending actionable tips and techniques, readers will be equipped with the knowledge on how to improve their wellbeing, productivity, and happiness, whilst simultaneously achieving business success. It is an essential read for anyone wanting to thrive personally and professionally in the modern world.

Don’t Burn Out, Stand Out is published by Rethink Press. It is available on Amazon and in all good bookstores.

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Corporate wellbeing specialist, Bethant Ainsley releases new book 'Don't Burnout, Stand Out'

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