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Culture and Leadership Consultancy, Frankly launch Mindful Leadership Series

Culture and Leadership Consultancy, Frankly have launched a series of open programmes designed to support and empower leaders who are ready to get real and be more courageous, calm, clear and considered.

The workshops are brought to you by Frankly, a consultancy empowering leaders to lead in a way which puts people planet and profit in alignment. They specialise in cultivating cultures where people can do their best work, where employee issues are a minimum and leaders can lead without burning out.

The first will be The Mindful Leader, a one-day workshop to learn meditation. Specifically designed for leaders with busy minds, multiple brain tabs open and juggling multiple priorities, including their team.

Meditation is widely understood and known for being good for our mental health. Leaders have been using the skills of meditation for decades to help keep their thinking clear in complex situations, to stay courageous in uncertain times and remain calm whatever challenge gets thrown their way. In this one-day workshop brought to you by Frankly, you will be taught an effortless approach to meditation. One you can do anytime, anywhere without the need for apps, timers or gurus!

The Mindful Leader workshop will be held in York on 24th November and taught by Jo Royle, a practical and pragmatic meditation teacher, a creatrix of ceremony and an intuitive wellbeing coach. She has years of experience working with managers and leaders in organisations, helping them to navigate challenging times. Having swapped her corporate consultancy career for van life she travelled the coastline of the UK in a converted library bus with her family, finally settling on the Isle of Skye. She is an experienced meditation teacher, a transformative coach and an interfaith minister passionate about supporting and holding people as they travel through life’s transitions.

Jennifer Potter, CEO and Founder of Frankly says:

“I am absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our new open programme series and we are launching where we need to begin, with leaders in mind. Leaders who are grounded, honest and can sustain their presence in the face of any VUCA challenge are more likely to lead with their dignity intact.”

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