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Crumbs Brewing Partners with Crafty Brewing for a Sustainable Future

Crumbs Brewing is excited to announce its new partnership with nearby Crafty Brewing, enhancing its commitment to local, sustainable brewing practices. This collaboration signifies a major step in Crumbs Brewing’s journey, aligning with its B-Corp certification goals for environmental responsibility.

Local Collaboration, Unchanged Quality

Transitioning from Goddards Brewery on the Isle of Wight to Crafty Brewing in Surrey, Crumbs Brewing ensures the same high-quality, unique beers remain, despite the location change.

Morgan Arnell, Chief Crumber at Crumbs Brewing, continues “We are massively grateful to our original partners at Goddards, they’ve been instrumental in not just helping us develop our method of brewing with unsold loaves but also on board with our passionate belief that our uniquely brewed beers should not only do good but also taste good!  As we continue our journey and move our partnership closer to home, the team at Crafty has really embraced our ethos. We’ve now completed multiple brews of our entire range and we can reassure you the quality has not slipped at all. Indeed, as we move forward we may have some new, far-from-Crumby ideas, that take our beers to the next level and also further reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the planet.”

Reducing Carbon Footprint, Embracing Sustainability

This partnership not only brings Crumbs Brewing closer to home but also significantly reduces transportation needs, aligning with their vision for a greener future. The collaboration also explores new packaging solutions to reduce environmental impact further.

“It has been the greatest of pleasures working with Morgan. At Crafty Brewing, we endeavour to work with contract brewing partners who share our understanding of best practice and sustainability. Morgan shares these values and shows a deep understanding of the industry. His friendly and positive attitude makes this a strong and productive partnership. These factors, underpinned by our SALSA plus certification, combine to make a high-quality product that we are proud to offer.” Luke Herman, Founder and COO of Crafty Brewing.

Earlier this year, Crumbs Brewing achieved a significant milestone by being awarded B Corp certification, underscoring its commitment to not just being the best in the world, but the best for the world. This prestigious certification is a testament to the company’s dedication to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Earning B Corp status places Crumbs Brewing among a forward-thinking group of companies globally that are using business as a force for good. This aligns perfectly with Crumbs Brewing’s ethos of sustainability, particularly its innovative approach to brewing using surplus bread, which significantly contributes to waste reduction.

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Crafty and Crumbs – the perfect match!

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