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Chase Bank, Triodos Bank, and Starling Bank were the most Highly Rated Banks for Treating Customers Fairly in 2023

Chase Bank, Triodos Bank, and Starling Bank were the most highly rated banks for treating customers fairly during 2023. This is based on over 50,000 reviews left by the customers of UK banks on the financial services review site, Smart Money People between January and December 2023.

Here are the top ten banks for treating customers fairly and their fairly treated scores (according to their own customers’ reviews):

  • Chase Bank 99.32
  • Triodos Bank 98.97
  • Starling Bank 98.60
  • Monzo 98.34
  • Metro Bank 98.33
  • NatWest 96.84
  • Atom Bank 96.30
  • first direct 94.06
  • Halifax 79.93
  • Santander 79.34

With the introduction of the new Consumer Duty by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2023, it’s now increasingly important for brands to demonstrate that they’re meeting the needs of their customers and treating them appropriately throughout the duration of their relationship. The data shows that, from a customer’s perspective, these providers are delivering against expectations.

If a customer finds the treatment they receive falls short, Smart Money People’s CEO, Jacqueline Dewey suggests they should not be afraid to switch provider: “The inertia around swapping bank accounts is widely known so we hope that by producing this list, more people will be encouraged to consider switching if they’re dissatisfied or their current provider no longer meets their needs. It’s important to look beyond initial introductory offers or incentives and understand a provider’s service, how they communicate and how they respond if there’s an issue or problem.

“Being able to read unbiased reviews about how banks treat their customers can give people real reassurance and confidence, helping them make a more informed decision.”

To read reviews of banks, bank accounts and other types of financial products, visit Smart Money People.

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To be included in the list, banks had to receive at least 100 reviews during the year for the results to be considered statistically valid. ‘Treated fairly’ question on the Smart Money People website: On leaving a review, bank customers are asked: Do you feel as if you are treated fairly by <>? Yes / No / Not sure. The figure produced is a percentage based on all of those who say yes as a proportion of the people who answered that question for the company during the year. Notes to editors – For further information contact: Browser Media Kerry Sheahan at Browser Media on 0207 099 0945 [email protected] About Smart Money People Since its launch in 2014, Smart Money People has received over 1.5m reviews on the products and services of insurers, banks, building societies, and credit providers. These insights, comments, and experiences not only inform more people to make better decisions but also help financial services companies create better outcomes for their customers.

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