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CEO says remote work is still the “golden standard” for a modern workforce

More studies into workplace sentiment are revealing British employees’ disdain for working in physical offices and showing why remote work continues to be the golden standard for current staff and prospective candidates alike.

“Even studies that are geared towards helping businesses enforce RTO are essentially admitting that workers have to be coaxed into giving up a good thing,” says Remote Worker CEO Joseph Boll. “The benefits of remote work continue to outweigh the disadvantages, and at the same time far outweigh any potential perk of working in-office.”

RemoteWorker is an online jobs board that specialises in helping hiring managers and businesses connect with job-seeking professionals for remote work positions.

While business leaders debate about whether to go remote, return to physical offices or choose an in-between, hybrid option, studies that ask British workers what they think are hearing a repeated, firm reply. Most employees in the UK want at least some form of remote work in the future, whether that is fully remote or at least hybrid.

The reason for this preference is also common among most surveys, which find that most British workers are not satisfied with the experience of working in-office, and after a terrifying, stressful pandemic, many are no longer willing to tolerate it the same way they once did.

Some of the biggest factors impacting employee experience, and driving them to prefer remote work over physical offices by far, include toxic company culture, bad behaviour from their colleagues, poor cleanliness, unsatisfactory amenities and feeling underappreciated for their effort to come in. These are in addition to the main draws of remote work, being that workers do not have to endure troublesome commutes, they can curate more comfortable work environments specifically tailored to their desires and they can save on the cost of buying lunch, among other benefits.

“Very few people would willingly give up their comfort for something less, especially when there doesn’t seem to be real value or a real point to it,” said Boll. “This is why physical offices will continue having a hard time convincing employees to return.”

According to the CEO, this all goes to show why remote work is going to remain a permanent way of working in the UK for the foreseeable future, and why resources like RemoteWorker will continue supporting employers, employees and job seekers alike.


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