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CEO says now is the time to get a green job

Anyone looking to join the renewable energy sector should take advantage of the perfect climate of employment potential now, says Joseph Boll, EcoCareers CEO.

EcoCareers is an online jobs board and resource website for all jobs in sustainability, whether traditional green jobs like solar panel technicians or environmental scientists to jobs in industries that are newer to sustainability, like fashion and manufacturing. EcoCareers seeks to connect employers, hiring managers and HR personnel in the green sector with jobseekers and the top talent in their respective industries.

“Right now is the perfect chance for those who are passionate about sustainability and eager to join the green economy but never knew how to get started,” says the CEO. “Doors of opportunity are open now that were not open just a few years ago and may not be open again in the future, whether you’re experienced or just starting out.”

Data from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), more than 12 million people around the world already work in the sustainable energy sector. Most of those jobs are based out of Asia, and particularly China, however, meaning other major world powers like the USA, UK, and Canada have significant room for growth in terms of adding green jobs. Compounded even further, IRENA believes the number of sustainable jobs could grow to some 140,000 million by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, the green economy is actually facing a talent shortage, where there are more job vacancies than there are skilled workers to fill those roles.

“Right now, there is a tremendous amount of public and private investment going into innovative green businesses,” says Boll. “With the talent shortage on top of that, many companies are looking to recruit apprentices and those with limited experience to train them and provide them with the skills needed to excel in their roles. The time is now to make your move in the green sector, and resources like EcoCareers can help you easily make the most of this chance.”


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EcoCareers is designed to help hiring managers and businesses connect with jobseeking professionals for sustainable job roles. We are affiliated with Remote Worker (UK), Remote Worker (US), ClickJobs and Caribbean Employment Services Inc.

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