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Carers go above and beyond to deliver ‘The Little Things in Life’

Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to doing the little things to make life brighter for residents of Shropshire’s leading care home company.

Whether it be having a chat over a nicely brewed cup of tea, reading a favourite story together or completing the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle – there are a million and one ways that carers at Coverage Care Services ensure residents retain their individuality, enjoy favourite hobbies and reduce stress.

And to celebrate, the not-for-profit company has launched a new online campaign called ‘The Little Things in Life’.

It aims to highlight the many ways in which staff go out of their way to help care home residents live happy and fulfilled lives.

Debbie Price, chief executive of Coverage Care, said: “Moving into residential or nursing care is a major life change, so it’s important that our residents feel at home with us.

“Our residents are individuals, with very different needs, backgrounds and life experiences, and we are committed to giving each one the personalised care and attention they need to be comfortable and happy.

“Research has shown that even a simple cup of tea and a chat can improve mental health and making time for ‘the little things in life’ is why our staff are so good at what they do.

“Residents with dementia can benefit enormously from activities which help them remember who they are. That might mean spending time reminiscing over old photo albums, listening to some favourite music or reading a treasured story from their past.

“Doing a jigsaw can also help improve focus and cognitive ability, or carers might spend time supporting a resident to do some drawing, painting their nails or a craft that they find enjoyable. For some, their daily trip to a café or even the pub might be that important little detail that makes life fun!

“The key to all these things is time, and we make sure our staff have the time that each person needs. We offer homes, not hospitals, and we want residents to be able to think of our staff as their friends.

“We choose and train our staff very carefully to make sure everyone in the team really understands the value of the little things in life.”

Research reported by Harvard University shows that physical exercise and mental stimulation can both help improve cognitive function and reduce stress.

One of the little things staff do is help residents to use large-screen digital tablet tables which allow people to play games, enjoy creative activities and even video call loved ones, all of which helps to improve co-ordination, brain function and a sense of identity.

Debbie added: “We are always keen to hear from people who would like to join our team. You don’t need qualifications or experience as we offer a full and ongoing training programme, but you do need to be caring, empathetic and willing to do all the little things that can make someone’s life better.”

Coverage Care Services runs 11 care homes across Shropshire and employs about 1,000 people, many of whom have stayed with the company for many years.

You can follow ‘The Little Things in Life’ campaign on Coverage Care Services social media channels Facebook and X and online at

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