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By popular demand: Fasthosts ProActive managed service launches into the cloud

The team over at domains and hosting provider Fasthosts is very much used to hearing the question “can you just do it?” when discussing managing IT cloud infrastructure with their clients.

Those cries have not fallen on deaf ears. Behind the scenes, the Fasthosts team has been hard at work developing Fasthosts ProActive, their own managed service that addresses the needs of those consumers.

Say goodbye to bots – no matter what time of the day you need help – and hello to a fully managed digital transformation for your business. Whether you’re aiming to optimise your IT infrastructure, keep your data under lock and key, become more efficient, or even undertake a complete journey to the cloud, Fasthosts ProActive will help you achieve that and so much more.

Talking about the launch of Fasthosts ProActive, Will Griffiths, Head of Sales, commented: “Fasthosts ProActive is the solution that our customers have been asking for, for years in many cases. So many MSPs on the market offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, but our decades of experience has taught us that a tailored approach is what businesses really need, as no two are the same. Fasthosts ProActive allows each of our customers to benefit from a unique fix, no matter what their goals are. If you’re looking to benefit from a smooth, seamless and secure managed cloud solution, then ProActive is the one.” 

Lifting the hood on ProActive

So what is a cloud infrastructure MSP? It stands for managed service provider, and is a third-party company that remotely manages a customer’s server infrastructure, network, security and monitoring – to name a few.  If you head up an SME or run a small to medium-sized business and you’re looking to make things streamlined, efficient, and cost effective – ProActive is the one.

Oh, and if 2am text alerts letting you know your tech has fallen over is your number one gripe, then Fasthosts ProActive is for you. No bots, ever – just good old fashioned, human contact. That’s what makes ProActive an MSP with a difference.

“Those who use larger, hyperscale managed service providers will know all too well that they often pay for far more than they end up using,” says Orlaith Palmer, Marketing Manager at Fasthosts ProActive. “And when you try and get some help, you either get passed around agent to agent in a call centre, or have to deal with a chatbot. These are the key issues we want to address with ProActive, giving customers a cost effective, personable service that really puts the focus on them.”

Just because you don’t have the time to manage your own IT services, doesn’t mean you’re not techy – which is why ProActive has also launched a dedicated podcast ‘Spill the IT’ which gives keen tech-heads a look under the bonnet of an MSP. We chat about everything from security issues to the cloud, so listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Google and Amazon, now.

About Fasthosts ProActive:

At Fasthosts ProActive, our customers drive what we do. We offer a wide range of managed services, from managing IT infrastructures, to data migrations, back-ups and more – all within a bespoke capacity. Our goal is to support our customers by doing the heavy lifting and making their day to day easier. We know the challenges companies face every day and have the cloud services to streamline their infrastructure, secure their systems and improve availability. With over 20 years of experience, we know what we’re doing, but we’re always looking to reach new heights with both our customers, and the partners in our partner programme.

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