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2023 Lighting Trends Revealed

The top three living room, dining room and hallway lighting trends for 2023 have been revealed with industry leaders, Industville, seeing a significant rise in globe lighting, black lighting and statement pendant sales.

Top 2023 Living Room Lighting Trend: Globe and Bubble Lighting 

  • 26% increase in Google searches for ‘globe lighting’ over the past three months
  • Over 680k TikTok mentions and a score of 91 on Pinterest Trends
  • The living room remains one of the most popular rooms for lighting revamps

Industville’s Managing Director, Mara Rypacek, commented:

“In 2023, globe lighting will be the perfect trend to bring a sense of harmonious comfort into the living room. Shades like this don’t intrude into the space and perfectly complement shapes expressed within your furniture throughout the living room.”

Top 2023 Dining Room Lighting Trend: Black-Finish Lighting 

  • Industville reports a 270% increase in sales from its indoor black lighting range (2021 vs 2022)
  • 104k monthly Google searches and 33.9m TikTok mentions

Industville’s Managing Director, Mara Rypacek, commented:

“Black-finish lighting provides a striking sleek effect when hung over dining tables. This effortless style also pairs well with modern gothic decor and design, which is our number one interior trend set to take off in 2023!”

Top 2023 Hallway Lighting Trend: Statement Pendant Lighting

  • Industville reports a 250% increase in sales from pendant cluster lights (2021 vs 2022)
  • 2.8k monthly Google searches, 17.4K TikTok mentions and a score of 96 on Google Trends
  • The search term ‘hallway ceiling lights’ has increased by 95% in the last month

Industville’s Managing Director, Mara Rypacek, commented:

“In 2023, statement pendants will make a unique spectacle to any hallway and will add sophisticated glamour to a relatively basic space. Styling a single pendant with a large shapely shade is becoming a staple hallway trend to embrace in 2023, making the space a sleek but effortless stylish feature.”

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