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Women’s Health Clinic Breaking The Barrier In Menopause Taboo

Officially, Menopause is the time in someone’s life when they stop having periods for at least a year and can no longer get pregnant.

It can affect a person’s physical and emotional health, leaving them with long-term struggles. Yet, it is often spoken about in hushed tones. Without a proper conversation and an increase in Menopause awareness, struggling individuals will remain in the dark.

The Surrey Park Clinic recognised this and decided to host a unique Menopause Event at their clinic in Guildford.  On Wednesday 19th of October, the team welcomed special guests such as Dr Alexandra Standring, a GP and Menopause Specialist, Dermatologist  Consultant Dr Benedetta Brazzini and Women’s Physiotherapy Specialist, Annabel Cussen.

As well as this, The Surrey Park Clinic team worked with Bravissimo – a renowned lingerie brand, to speak to attendees and provide a personal service they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

Teaming up with this brand also allowed members to create awareness for symptoms, such as reduced libido and discomfort during sex – and allow people attending the event to talk about their own symptoms and understand that they are not alone.

Many symptoms and areas of this conversation are still seen as hugely taboo – even misguided by many resources available to those suffering.

The Surrey Park Clinic have used this amazing event as well as their ever-popular social media platforms and in-house professionals to raise awareness and ensure people have the best, most reliable and most accurate information possible.

As a result, those struggling with symptoms as well as family and friends who may be trying to help them through it will be more equipped to do so.

They are hoping to make this event a more regular occurrence, with different guest speakers and plenty on offer for those attending. So keep an eye out for more of their resources and opportunities in different areas of Women’s Health.

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