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The Pressing Question: What’s the Best News Wire Service for Distributing Your Press Release?

Press release distribution services remain an integral part of any public relations strategy. But simply writing and formatting a release is only half the battle – you need to get it out into the world. This is where wire services come in. These distribution platforms allow you to disseminate your announcement simultaneously to media outlets, journalists, websites, and other interested parties. But with so many options on the market, how do PR professionals know which wire service provides the best bang for their buck?

Industry insiders agree that when choosing a press release distribution wire, you need to consider reach, targetability, analytics, multimedia options, and of course, cost. The major players each have their strengths and weaknesses in these regards. Following is an in-depth look at five of the top contenders.

The Old Guard: PR Newswire and BusinessWire

Two long-standing veterans in the wire service space are PR Newswire and BusinessWire. PR Newswire offers distribution to thousands of traditional media outlets, websites, databases, and other key audiences. You can target your release geographically or by industry. Real-time reporting shows who is picking up your news, and you can even drill down to see individual click-throughs. One of PR Newswire’s biggest assets is the credibility it brings – some journalists won’t look at a release unless it comes through this wire service.

BusinessWire also has strong brand recognition and offers similarly expansive reach. Distribution can be targeted by region or subject matter. The wire service provides access to a massive network of websites, newsrooms, and multimedia systems. One advantage over PR Newswire is BusinessWire’s focus on financial disclosures – it got its start distributing corporate earnings releases. So if your news caters to the investment community, this could be the better option.

Going Global: Marketwired

Marketwired, now part of leading PR software company Cision, made its name internationally distributing press releases related to finance, technology, and regulatory information. The wire service has a truly global reach spanning North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East. Marketwired offers targeting by industry, geography, and journalist interest. Clients also get access to a database of over 500,000 media contacts.

One unique aspect of Marketwired is the direct relationships it has fostered with business journalists, market analysts, and other influencers. This gives added weight to press releases distributed through the platform. Marketwired also offers translation services to extend your announcement into multiple languages.

The Nimble Upstart: PRWeb

For small and mid-sized companies, PRWeb is a cost-effective press release distribution option to consider. It offers entry-level pricing that can fit limited PR and marketing budgets. One major advantage is PRWeb’s easy-to-use online interface – you can write and distribute your release in a matter of minutes. Despite the low cost, PRWeb still provides extensive reach to news outlets, journalists, and websites. Your release will also be search engine optimized to maximize online visibility.

PRWeb offers “broadcast” packages for distributing press releases as well as more immersive “impact” options. The latter employs additional search engine marketing tactics to boost traffic. One downside is PRWeb does not allow targeting by geography or industry. But if budget is a major concern, the wire service gives you plenty of distribution bang for your buck.

Straightforward and Streamlined: Newswire

Newswire bills itself as the press release distribution service for the digital age. The wire takes a pared-down approach, eschewing the lengthy targeting options and robust analytics of some competitors. But this straightforward system makes sending out your news simple and intuitive. Newswire offers different levels of distribution based on your goals – whether broad reach or more focused targeting.

One advantage is Newswire’s transparency – its pricing is clear-cut without any hidden fees. The wire service also specializes in optimizing releases for search engine discovery across Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Clients can access real-time analytics on click-through rates. For those wanting quick and painless press release distribution, Newswire is a solid contender.

Boutique Service for SMBs: eReleases

eReleases positions itself as an affordable press release distribution option for small and medium-sized businesses. The wire service focuses on providing personalized assistance and support – you’re assigned an Account Executive to help craft and target your press release. eReleases also offers writing and multimedia services to augment your announcement. This boutique-style approach has resonated with SMBs that don’t necessarily need global distribution through a massive wire service.

In terms of reach, eReleases distributes press releases to targeted media lists of over 500,000 global print, broadcast, and online media outlets. Real-time analytics provide insights on readership and engagement. One unique option is the ability to distribute press releases directly to relevant local media in specific cities or metro areas that you select. This can be perfect for businesses with a localized focus.

The Takeaway

When deciding which press release distribution wire service is right for you, start by considering budget, reach, targeting capabilities, and any specialized services you may need. Large enterprises with global aspirations may get more value from wire services like PR Newswire or BusinessWire. SMBs, on the other hand, can benefit from lower-cost platforms like PRWeb or eReleases.  It’s also worth taking a look at other alternative press release distribution services.

But regardless of which wire you choose, the key is crafting a compelling press release with news worth sharing. Understand your target audience, communicate value, and tell a compelling story. That’s ultimately what will make any distribution effort pay dividends, no matter which service you use. The wire merely acts as a conduit – the quality of your release itself is what makes the biggest impact.

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