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Weaver Labs launches cyber risk-management tool ‘Record’ to transform telecoms cybersecurity regulation

Weaver Labs, the Telecoms startup democratising access to telecoms infrastructure, today announces the release of its cybersecurity risk-management tool, Record.

The innovative risk assessment program evaluates an organisations’ current cybersecurity approach relative to security controls and policies, before being leveraged to manage uncontrolled risks within distinct parts of the business. This works by identifying and prioritising opportunities for improvement as part of a continuous process that assesses progress towards the target state.

Record can be used to establish a secure-by-design best practice for the telecoms industry by recognising how well companies are conforming to the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC’s) requirements in terms of cybersecurity, something quite relevant given the recent push from the UK government to add new regulations to Telecoms security. The tool allows organisations to understand and manage supply chain risk following a risk assessment. It then generates a score to reflect this and provides an action plan of controls required to improve its security.

Record’s controls are specifically mapped under the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity and Framework Functions to simplify the control selection process. Each control implemented into the tool is categorised under the following functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

“Cybersecurity is increasingly moving up the agenda of product decision-making. While standards and policies are in place, navigating how well your business stacks against this can be challenging. We hope that with Record, infrastructure providers are guided through this process more easily and aided in mitigating cybersecurity risks altogether,” commented Maria Lema, Co-founder of Weaver Labs.

Maria added: “Cyber hackers are a threat to communications across the globe, with the potential for mass-scale disruption. Countering these threats is a growing priority if we hope to protect the UK’s public telecoms networks and services from becoming compromised. Record will unlock the next level of cybersecurity in the telco industry, making the critical strides needed to improve the security of sensitive data.“

Moving forward, Weaver Labs hopes to ultimately merge this tool within its distributed orchestration  product, Cell-Stack, as a way to promote transparency in the supply chain. Infrastructure owners would be able to measure the risk their 5G software products pose to their networks and services running over the shared marketplace could accordingly identify the infrastructures that are built with the best security practices and risk management processes. This move would help to integrate cybersecurity into the core decision-making of products and services.

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Weaver Labs launches cyber risk-management tool ‘Record’

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