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Unleash unforgettable adventures as Camplify celebrates International Dog Day

As the world prepares to celebrate International Dog Day, Camplify, the trailblazing campervan and motorhome-sharing community, is rolling out the red carpet for our four-legged companions with an unrivalled lineup of pet-friendly adventures.

With statistics that bark louder than words, Camplify is cementing its status as the ultimate destination for those seeking paw-some journeys alongside their furry co-pilots.

Let the tail-wagging begin

  • 69% of UK vans listed on Camplify are welcoming to pets, proving that the days of “no dogs allowed” signs are happily in the rearview mirror.
  • Bark it from the mountaintops: In the past year alone, bookings for dog-friendly travel on the Camplify platform surged by a staggering 21%, as pet owners discovered the joy of sharing their adventures with their best pals.
  • Numbers don’t lie: A whopping 22.86% of all bookings on Camplify within the last 12 months were made by intrepid travellers who refused to leave their furry family members behind.

Camplify: A place where Van Life meets tail-wagging delight

Camplify is more than a campervan sharing platform – it’s a movement that’s redefining adventure. Since its launch in Australia in 2015 and its expansion to the UK in 2019, Camplify has been on a mission to prove that Van Life isn’t just for Instagram influencers. With over 100,000 nights spent beneath the stars and more than 1,850 proud “van-trepreneurs” who’ve upped their income by a cool £10,000 per year, Camplify connects holidaymakers with unique, pet-friendly recreational vehicles for unforgettable escapades.

Why choose Camplify? The answer’s as clear as a dog’s bark

  • Unparalleled access: 69% of UK vans listed on Camplify are pet-friendly, so you and your furry friend can explore the great outdoors without leaving anyone behind.
  • Pet-powered growth: With a 21% jump in pet-friendly bookings, Camplify is leading the charge in accommodating the needs of modern-day travellers who consider their dogs part of the family.
  • Tail-Wagging Memories: In the last year, a massive 22.86% of bookings were made by those seeking adventures with their furry co-adventurers, proving that dogs and wanderlust go together like biscuits and gravy.

Celebrate International Dog Day the Camplify Way

This International Dog Day, Camplify invites all dog enthusiasts to join the movement and experience the thrill of travel without compromise. Embark on a journey where your four-legged friend is as much a part of the adventure as the open road itself.

For more information and to book, visit Camplify’s website and view all the incredible pet-friendly vans available on the platform.

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