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UK’s Top Doll Pram Colours: The Most Popular Choices Revealed!

A recent study has found that blue is the most searched for colour of dolls prams in the UK. The study, which was conducted by Wowow Toys, looked at the number of monthly searches for dolls prams of different colours.

The study found that blue dolls prams were searched for an average of 720 times per month. Pink dolls prams were the second most searched for colour, with an average of 390 monthly searches. Yellow dolls prams were the third most searched for colour, with an average of 110 monthly Google searches per month. Grey was the fourth most popular choice with an average of 105 searches per month.

The other colours that were searched for were purple (70 monthly searches), red (65 monthly searches), white (40 monthly searches), black (35 monthly searches), green (20 monthly searches), and silver (10 monthly searches). Brown and gold came in last with just 5 and 0 searches respectively.

The study’s findings suggest that blue is the most popular colour for dolls prams in the UK. This may be because blue is often seen as a gender-neutral colour, and it is also a popular colour for other children’s toys.

The study’s findings also suggest that there is a growing trend towards parents choosing dolls prams in a variety of colours. This may be because parents are becoming more aware of the importance of gender-neutral toys, and they are also looking for dolls prams that their children will love.

If you are looking for a dolls pram for your child, you may want to consider choosing a blue dolls pram. Blue is a popular colour for dolls prams, and it is also a gender-neutral colour. This means that your child will be able to enjoy their dolls pram for years to come. See our full range here.

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