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Tech West Mids Joins Forces With AI-Powered Partner Ahead Of Birmingham Tech Week 2023

The UK’s largest regional tech festival, Birmingham Tech Week, is returning this year from 16-20 October. Set to be the biggest in the event’s five-year history, Birmingham Tech Week 2023 will feature talks from tech founders, government officials and industry experts at over 25 events. As part of its commitment to innovation, Tech West Mids has partnered with an AI-powered survey platform, OPPi, to collect and share valuable insights on three key topics.

This October will see Tech West Mids (TechWM, formerly Birmingham Tech) once again host Birmingham Tech Week. With over 7,500 people expected to be in attendance to enjoy over 25 events, the regional festival is set to be a true celebration of all the West Midlands tech sector has to offer.

As part of its continued effort to further amplify innovation within the region, TechWM has partnered with OPPi – an AI-powered survey platform that recently laid foundations in Birmingham as part of its UK launch.

Employing cutting-edge AI algorithms, OPPi analyses and interprets structured responses and unstructured opinions around simple agree/disagree statements in real-time, generating comprehensive reports that illuminate key trends, sentiments, and preferences. OPPi also allows respondent comments to be turned into further areas for exploration within a survey, yielding deep insights into audience sentiment.

Since its launch in 2020, the platform has worked to empower a variety of organisations, engaging more than 70,000 people through over 300 surveys in countries across the globe, including Singapore, Australia and the UK. Thanks to the Global Entrepreneur Programme, the UK Government’s programme that helps high-growth companies relocate to the UK, OPPi was given the opportunity to bring its offerings overseas and is now poised to transform the landscape for anyone looking to gauge the pulse of the people.

After a successful trial working with TechWM at the West Midlands Tech Review, the tech duo has joined forces once more, this time for Birmingham Tech Week. Hoping to spark engaging discourse and insights that can be used to inform TechWM’s growth plan for the West Midlands tech sector, OPPi’s surveys will be based on the core model of TechWM; Connect, Amplify, Transform.

Speaking on their partnership, founder, Adrian Liew, comments:

“The idea behind OPPi is to reshape the way businesses understand and engage with their audience – whoever that may be – with an end goal to facilitate constructive dialogues and generate actionable insights, driving inclusivity and collaboration. Our work with TechWM at the West Midlands Tech Review gave us an idea of the kinds of insights we can gather and how vital they can be to understanding the wider ecosystem.

“This is why we are so excited to be part of Birmingham Tech Week 2023 – the sheer number of people from such different backgrounds will be an amazing opportunity for us to shine a light on the topics that unite and divide us, as well as how people feel the tech sector can best move onwards and upwards.”

Yiannis Maos, CEO of TechWM and host of Birmingham Tech Week, continues:

“At TechWM we’re always looking for ways to support tech businesses and amplify the amazing work they are doing, which is exactly why we have chosen to partner with OPPi this year. We’re well aware of the value that surveys and data can hold when planning for growth, but the solely quantitative nature of survey results can often lead to conclusions being drawn rather than revealed.

“We used OPPi during the West Midlands Tech Review and saw first-hand just how valuable the sentimental nature of the insights was, and still is! With thousands of people set to attend Birmingham Tech Week, we can’t wait to harness the power of the audience’s voice and use it to inform our strategy for the future.

“I’m also thrilled to be shining a light on such an innovative platform which is proving just how valuable AI can be when used correctly. It really is a testament to how the tech of the future has the power to change the way we do things for the better… if done right of course!”

Birmingham Tech Week will be held at venues across the West Midlands, including HSBC’s HQ, The Bond Digbeth, The Exchange, and the ICC. For more information about events and partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please visit the Birmingham Tech Week website.

To find out more about OPPi, please visit the website.

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Tech West Mids (TechWM) – formerly Birmingham Tech – is a not-for-profit community initiative (CIC) that aims to raise the profile of the West Midlands tech sector and help local businesses go global. Through a number of carefully crafted scale-up initiatives, cross-network collaboration, and original content, Tech West Midlands helps tech and digital businesses successfully scale by providing them with valuable knowledge, insight, and support. Since its inception in 2019, the organisation has helped businesses raise over £100 million and inspired thousands of people to get into the tech sector. It has also become known for its most popular showcase event, Birmingham Tech Week, the UK’s largest regional tech event. TechWM works with over 50 national and regional partners across the ecosystem, including the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT); techUK; West Midlands Combined Authority; and the UK Tech Cluster Group (UKTCG), to name a few. In 2023, the organisation underwent a rebrand from Birmingham Tech to TechWM, with a view to build a stronger, more resilient economic future for the region as a whole. TechWM aims to achieve this goal by working to its three core values: ● Encouraging and fostering collaboration across all sectors, ● Inspiring people from all walks of life to get into the tech sector, ● Creating a platform so people and businesses can celebrate their success. OPPi is an innovative AI-powered app that revolutionises the traditional approach to focus groups; from employees through to customers. Developed by Singapore-based entrepreneur Adrian Liew, OPPi empowers business leaders to gain real-time insights into the opinions, sentiments, and needs of their employees. By digitising the focus group process, OPPi enables organisations to bridge communication gaps, foster employee engagement, and adapt to changing workforce demands. Utilising advanced AI algorithms, OPPi analyses and interprets employee responses, providing comprehensive reports that highlight key trends and preferences. The app’s unique capability to divide even the most polarised groups facilitates constructive dialogues and generates actionable solutions, driving inclusivity and collaboration. OPPi is designed to help organisations harness the power of employee and customer voice, as research indicates that when employees feel heard, engagement levels soar, financial performance improves, and overall effectiveness increases. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, OPPi equips business leaders with data-driven insights to make informed decisions that benefit both the workforce and the organisation as a whole. For more information about OPPi, please visit

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