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Sympa: Ushering Data-Driven Human Capital Management

Over time, analytics has emerged as a crucial element that significantly influences how firms maximise the economic and business value of their human assets and make HCM initiatives strategically connected with their financial success. Sympa, a Finnish software development company, was founded with the objective of providing companies and HR executives worldwide with imperative analytical tools and a platform to enable efficient and unified human resource management and automate arduous HR routines. It assists customers with the adoption of optimal organisational practices related to recruitment, management, and development of their human capital, which ultimately results in better talent attraction, increased performance, and a higher retention rate.

“Sympa enables customers to digitise their entire HR journey, from hire to retire,” says Wai-Bin Lai, country director UK, Sympa.

Sympa has become the fastest-growing provider of HR solutions in Europe. Over 1000 firms worldwide use its extensive HR solutions and tools to streamline their HR operations and automate repetitive tasks. Sympa’s dynamic analytics and reporting tools provide the data required to make smart decisions, the results of which can subsequently be translated into efficient and transparent HCM processes. Its platform delivers a consolidated overview of all the user data in an organisation and lets users manage it seamlessly in a centralised system. This allows team leaders and employees alike to access pertinent information and empowers the HR department to focus on value-adding tasks as the role of being an intermediary for everyday information is eliminated.

Sympa’s primary solution is an HCM software that provides its users with a thorough, trackable and scalable overview of all their HCM processes which include recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, employment, and talent development. The software seamlessly integrates with any ERP or intricate HR software of a company and gathers and stores crucial organisational data pertinent to HR and employees in one secure place. Due to the centralised storage, HR executives can easily access the employment cycle of their human resources and lay the groundwork for the development of an efficient HCM initiative.

Sympa’s powerful HR analytics tools allow users to instantly access many key employee metrics, like employee status, absences, skills and more, in real-time over a dashboard. The dashboard keeps track of the KPIs of the human capital in its user’s organisations and enables C-suites to make smart decisions based on data. It also helps predict future recruiting needs, calculate the budget for required training, or evaluate the costs of churn. HR executives and team leaders are empowered to develop the necessary initiatives and elevate their employees’ skills and motivation based on insights into their organisation’s workforce.

The largest HR digital ecosystem in Europe, Tellent, was established when Sympa formed an alliance with Recruitee and Javelo. In a highly fragmented market of disconnected HR software solutions, Tellent was founded to offer the best-in-class HR solutions under one umbrella. As it expands rapidly across Europe, it is actively seeking leading HR solutions and partners to join the group and create the world’s largest people growth collective.

The HCM initiatives that a firm adopts define its capacity for flexibility in response to emerging changes in the workplace, like the gig economy, work-from-home choices, shifting demographics, and more. Lack of adoption of cutting-edge technologies that can streamline the HCM process can lead to tedious workloads, displeased employees, and greater labour costs. Sympa’s roots in Finland play a crucial role in ensuring its clients and their employees receive the best services. With its solution, Sympa incorporates fundamental Nordic values and concepts that promote employee welfare and engagement, leading to higher-quality service and support.

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