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Data Scientists at Project Solar UK Create Calculations to Show How Much Energy Players Generated on the Pitch


Project Solar UK, the leading installer of solar panels in the UK, has created a unique campaign focussing on energy generated in this year’s Women’s World Cup and how that could be used in typical everyday situations in the countries that reached the semi-finals.


Selecting players from those countries that made it to the last four, the number crunchers at Project Solar UK, set about analysing data relating to their energy production when they took to the field of play. Once they had established their individual energy outputs, they assessed how these could be converted to run typical popular appliances in their home country.


The campaign focusses on the phenomenal energy of the greatest female football players in the world and a power league table (see below) gives comparisons of the top 16 global football professionals.  Key highlights from the semi-finalists include:


Spain’s victorious team’s Jennifer Hermoso ran an incredible 78 km during her time at the tournament.  The 33-year old’s 646 minutes of play generated 5336kW of energy – enough to power one 60-watt LED lightbulb for over 8893 hours or a 55inch 4k TV for 9361 hours.


England’s Lucy Bronze ran 72 km over the course of her World Cup – helping to take the team all the way to the final and generating 4368kW of energy.  That’s enough to boil 1456 2Ls kettle of water and make 11,648 cups of half-time tea.


Australia’s Katrina Gorrey ran 68 km during her time on the field of play – generating 4074 kw.  The Matilda’s player generated energy to fire up 1851 barbeques for an hour and grill 16,462 burgers.


Sweden’s Amanda Ilestedt ran 61km during her 631 minutes on the field – generating 4950kw – enough to power a 2-person sauna for 825 hours – that could be equivalent to 4950 people enjoying a sauna!


The World Cup tournament data the team researched on the elite athletes shows their incredible energy output and serves to highlight its vital role. Making the link to the natural source of energy in

the sunshine draws attention to just how solar panels capture and harness energy and convert it to power devices and appliances.  Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar UK, whose data team created the campaign, says, “We were so proud of the Lionesses, and we were all fixated to our televisions during the tournament.  It got us thinking about the role energy plays in our everyday lives – whatever country we live in.  As experts in harnessing solar energy in our solar panel business, we thought it would be fun to do the maths around how those amazing footballers can generate energy too and the results have been staggering.”

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