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Soke Performance launches PACT – a unique approach to reinventing workplace culture

A pioneering new approach to workplace culture is launched today by Soke Performance, the corporate services division of The Soke, the private mental health, wellness and coaching centre in London. PACT is a unique offering for organisations, designed to reinvent workplace culture in order to boost business performance and growth.

With a focus on Purpose, Authenticity, Communication and Trust, PACT is a systemic approach that builds purposeful, courageous and empathetic workplace cultures by harnessing the role and relevance of emotional individuality. The programme creates a working culture that attracts and retains the individuals whose consistent performance leads to organisational resilience and growth.

With the pandemic having shone a spotlight on mental health and wellbeing and what it means to live a good life, people today no longer choose a job based purely on salary, instead prioritising workplace culture, the organisation’s attitude to wellbeing and the values of the company. PACT has been created in response to this shifting mindset.

The programme supports forward-thinking employers who are looking to develop a clearer recognition of their employee’s experience within their organisation, in order to provide a healthier working environment with a focus on workplace wellbeing and sustainability.

PACT is divided into four modules with each delivered with a weekly or fortnightly interval in between. There is a primary version designed for Leadership teams and a secondary version designed for other stakeholders. The process commences with an audit prior to Module 1 and concludes with a further audit six to twelve months after delivery of the fourth & final module.

Ed Lowther, Head of Soke Performance at The Soke, comments:

“Workplace wellbeing relates to all areas of a person’s working life and is a key factor in determining an organisation’s long-term effectiveness. The emotional climate of a workplace affects the company’s overall sense of wellbeing and the workers’ ability to function well and do their best at work. The way we feel at work has a big impact on our performance, and without good psychological and physical health, humans cannot think, learn or create.

“There is an opportunity now to build organisations that include their employees in the conversation to create workplace cultures where partnerships are nurtured and where purpose, authenticity, communication and trust are at the heart of everything the company does. In response, The Soke has developed the PACT Principle – a systemic approach that builds purposeful, courageous and empathetic workplace cultures.”

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About The Soke The Soke is a specialist centre offering private outpatient mental health care and wellbeing services alongside coaching and leadership development, and has recently been awarded an Outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission, the regulator of Health and Social Care Services. Based in South Kensington, The Soke offers best-in-class psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and executive coaching specialists. They cover common behavioural health issues such as depression, anxiety and other non-acute disorders; offer family therapy, child & adolescent counselling, and corporate wellbeing services. Clients benefit from an integrated system of care in one location, ensuring their individual needs are met at every junction, and enabling them to become to be the best version of themselves. The Soke is a forward-thinking business that aims to be part of a global movement using business as a force for good. A key part of this mission is The Soke Foundation, a non-profit organisation that derives its income from The Soke. A portion of every client fee and a percentage of profits will go to The Soke Foundation, which will provide grants to underfunded mental health programmes, forming an initiative that looks after the wider community within which it is set to join. This is reflective of The Soke’s dedication and commitment to benefiting society as a whole, bringing mental health to the forefront for everybody. The Soke is at 241 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HY

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