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Serial entrepreneur invents 99% paper eco pregnancy test

A serial entrepreneur has launched Femtech brand Hoopsy, which manufactures eco pregnancy tests made of 99% paper.

Lara Solomon, who has launched and sold two successful businesses, created the brand following her own journey of trying to conceive a baby aged 45 and single via IVF and embryo donation.

With over 839,000 conceptions in England and Wales in 2018 and 12.5 million home pregnancy tests completed in the UK each year, Lara realised the shocking amount of plastic waste being sent to landfill and spotted a gap in the market for an eco test.

A crowdfunding campaign on Microwd in July raised £132,479 which will be used to expand the team, fund the next production run and develop a new version of the product which will be even more environmentally friendly.

The paper test can be cut in half – the part which is urinated on goes in the bin and the other half in paper recycling. The cardboard packaging can be recycled in paper recycling and the pouch the test comes in can be recycled in soft plastics at the supermarket.

Lara explains: “It was during one of my embryo donation procedures at a clinic in Spain that I realised how many times women who’re trying to conceive test using plastic pregnancy tests. When I looked into how many plastic tests were being thrown into landfill each year, I knew I needed to take action, so I decided to try and see if I could find a way to manufacture eco pregnancy tests out of paper.”

Lara added: “My goal with Hoopsy is to provide sustainable healthcare products that help women, their partners, and the planet. Knowing that every test we sell means one less plastic test thrown in the bin, is what makes me jump out of bed each morning.”

The tests have an hCG sensitivity of 25mIU/ml and are over 99% accurate from the day of an expected period. Clinical trials have taken place to prove the accuracy and laboratory tests to ensure the sensitivity levels of the tests. It’s also registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

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Lara Solomon serial entrepreneur has launched Femtech brand Hoopsy, which manufactures eco pregnancy tests made of 99% paper.

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Notes to editors Why we love the Hoopsy eco pregnancy test: Made from 99% paper Over 99% accurate Test 5 days before your period is due Results in 5 minutes Easy to write on Less space in landfill versus other tests Lara’s story Hoopsy is the brainchild of British woman Lara Solomon, who at the age of 45 and single, decided she wanted to try and have a child. So she embarked on a mission to try and get pregnant. She had IVF which unfortunately didn’t work as one of her ovaries was diagnosed as peri-menopausal – so she decided to go down the embryo donation route. She settled on having her embryo donation procedure at a clinic in Spain and it was during this she realised how many times women who’re TTC test using plastic pregnancy tests. After her two embryo transfers in Spain, she headed home to Australia where she had to self isolate in a hotel for 14 days due to Covid rules. It was here she said she used countless pregnancy tests day after day, to see if she was pregnant. Lara said: “Unfortunately, I got a faint positive test but then miscarried the embryo, which was a traumatic experience – I think I cried for days on end. But something else came to light when I was on my own in the hotel testing – just how many pregnancy tests I was using.” As a serial entrepreneur, Lara decided to set up Hoopsy. It’s launching in the UK first before being made available in Australia then the US.

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