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RAISE – The Female Founder’s Guide to Securing Investment

Equity fundraising expert and the founder and CEO of Enter The Arena, Julia Elliott Brown, has released her first book RAISE – The Female Founder’s Guide to Securing Investment. RAISE is the practical ‘go-to’ handbook for all female founders looking to raise investment for their business but don’t know where to start.

Why specifically for women?  Shockingly, less than two percent of venture funding goes to women-led businesses, and more than half of female founders experience gender bias in the fundraising process. So how do female founders crack the fundraising code and unlock the money from the investment ecosystem which traditionally has been run by, and for, men?

Having worked with hundreds of female founders and successfully raised millions of pounds in equity finance, Julia Elliott Brown shares her advice and experience that will properly prepare you for and take you through the fundraising process, including:

  • How to speak the same language as investors
  • How to prepare financial information and an investor pitch
  • How to build a network of high-calibre investors and confidently have meetings with them
  • How to deal with investor questions and gender bias
  • How to negotiate an investment deal that builds real, long-term value for you and your business.
  • Critically, RAISE also covers confidence, resilience and having a positive fundraising mindset, sharing the inspiring stories and top tips of dozens of female founders who successfully funded their businesses.

Julia Elliott Brown comments:

“This is not another book written by a guy in a suit from Silicon Valley. This guide comes from my own direct experience of fundraising and having supported hundreds of female founders on that very same journey.

“At the current rate of progress, it will take 100 years before we close the gender funding gap. My goal is to not only demystify the investment ecosystem and technical aspects of raising investment for women, but also cover the whole 360-degree process of fundraising in a step-by-step approach.”

RAISE is available to buy now on Amazon

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