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Pioneering tech business delivers a record 10 millionth in-home display, helping households tackle carbon emissions

Smart energy technology business Chameleon Technology has manufactured and delivered its 10 millionth in-home display (IHD), a record for the industry, supporting the government in achieving its 2050 Net Zero target by cutting carbon emissions through energy efficiency in the home. A Chameleon display is now present in one in every three UK homes, helping consumers to make low carbon and energy efficient choices through visible, transparent, real-time data.

The North Yorkshire-based business is the most widely selected and trusted partner across the energy retail market, supplying IHDs to nine of the top 10 energy providers and playing a leading role in the national smart meter rollout programme. Its IHDs connect to energy providers’ smart meters to help consumers accurately track their energy use and costs. By the end of the smart meter rollout, two in every three homes are projected to have a Chameleon Technology IHD.

The 10 millionth high-quality IHD device was delivered this summer. 11 years since issuing its first IHD in 2012, Chameleon now produces on average 1.6 million IHD devices every year at a rate of three units every minute, as part of a finely-tuned 24/7 manufacturing process. Each IHD is rigorously tested 126 times to ensure it is manufactured to the highest quality.

Commented Mike Woodhall, co-founder and CEO of Chameleon Technology: “Manufacturing and delivering 10 million IHDs to UK households is a milestone to be proud of. Access to real-time energy data is a crucial step to enable low carbon solutions to have maximum impact and provide tangible benefits to all UK households. Continued uptake of smart meters, alongside the real-time data provided by IHDs, will help build a flexible, decarbonised and digitalised energy system that will benefit both the environment and consumers through lower energy bills. Smart meters and integrated IHDs are an integral part of our future energy system, which is crucial to the UK hitting its eco targets, reducing its CO2 emissions and reliance on unsustainable energy sources.”

At the forefront of the government’s Net Zero strategy, Chameleon also works alongside major players in the energy and technology sectors in creating both hardware and software for consumers to help them reduce their carbon footprints and save on energy bills by being more efficient.

The company has been entrusted with over £3million of innovation funding from the government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) to develop energy efficiency concepts and trial an array of smart energy products, designed to seamlessly work together to build a decarbonised energy system for the UK. Chameleon Technology’s input in the sector has been recognised by Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance at DESNZ, who is set to open the brand new office space of Chameleon Technology in Harrogate in early August.

Added Mike Woodhall: “Chameleon Technology is a true innovator in the smart energy sector and a key supporter of Net Zero and low-carbon technology projects. We need to ensure that all consumers are fully engaged with the transition towards carbon neutrality, and that this is made as easy as possible to uptake and achieve. Our efforts to supply more IHDs to households continues, in full support of the UK’s environmental targets, and we look forward to producing the next 10 million IHDs.”

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Chameleon Technology's IHD7 in-home display. A Chameleon display is now present in one in every three UK homes

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For more information about Chameleon Technology, please visit Smart energy technology pioneer Chameleon Technology has been helping people to better understand their energy consumption since 2010. A leading smart energy innovator and market leader in the ongoing smart meter rollout, Chameleon is helping consumers, industry and government to make the transition to Net Zero. It launched its consumer brand ivie in 2022, offering smart technology products to help save energy in the home as well as electric vehicle charging solutions. 20 million people, in one third of homes in the UK, have access to a Chameleon smart energy display to keep track of their energy use and spending. Chameleon has also been entrusted with £3.6M of innovation funding from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) for projects including developing V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technology. Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and with operations in France and Hong Kong, Chameleon is creating a home energy ecosystem for the future. Having developed home energy data insights and smart EV charging, Chameleon Technology is working on further innovations relating to decarbonising heat, solar energy and storage, demand flexibility and much more to help deliver the UK’s Net Zero commitments. Smart metering Smart meters are replacing traditional gas and electricity meters as part of a national infrastructure upgrade that will make our energy system more efficient and flexible, enabling us to use more renewable energy and achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  A standard smart metering installation will usually include gas and electricity smart meters, a communications hub and an In-Home Display (IHD) which provides energy consumption and cost information.   When energy suppliers install a smart meter in a household, they are required to offer the customer an In-Home Display (IHD) in line with the CoMCoP (Consolidated Metering Code of Practice) which can be found online here:

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