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OLLMOO celebrates a year of advancing future women CEOs

International Women’s Day 2023 
This International Women’s Day, we recognise the women who have made great strides in business and society and are inspiring others to follow their example. We celebrate women around the world for their courage and determination to break through barriers and challenge stereotypes.

Today marks another special occasion, as OLLMOO celebrates its first birthday. Founded by Katherine Moos, OLLMOO was born out of her belief that women are underrepresented in leadership roles due first and foremost to employers’ often narrow and traditional approaches to discovering and promoting talent. Katherine’s mission with OLLMOO is to create more opportunities for young women to progress and succeed as leaders; fostering the development of the next generation of CEOs, board members, and executives.

OLLMOO supports future women leaders by connecting them to opportunities with leading employers worldwide. Their reach extends to countries and universities from which many employers have never previously recruited.

OLLMOO identifies undiscovered talent and place women in roles based on their skills, experience, leadership style, and career goals. Providing one-on-one mentoring for women seeking to develop their careers; offer professional advice from experienced industry professionals; run networking activities; curate career resources related to advancement; produce inspiring stories from successful women leaders around the world and work closely with employers on initiatives designed specifically for attracting talented women.

Celebrating one year of fighting gender inequality in the workplace 
OLLMOO has reached significant milestones to date. Incorporated on April 22, 2021, four co-founders had the vision to establish a global network that would provide outstanding employment opportunities for women globally. They were proud to declare International Women’s Day 2022 as the official launch date.

As word spread, the company gained momentum and the OLLMOO community now connects women from over 75 different countries.
To date, over 90% of placements have been international, with members joining employers outside their country of origin. They have a particular focus on talented women in technology, engineering, and finance.

Alongside this, partnerships have been formed with universities, NGOs, and private companies spanning multiple countries. These relationships are vital in growing the community. Individual ambassadors continue to spread the message to their own networks.
OLLMOO offers workshops and courses, which are free to members. Its most recent, #hackintocybersec, a cybersecurity course run by Security Engineer Eva Georgieva, received an overwhelming number of applicants.

Since its founding one year ago, OLLMOO has made an impressive impact on global employers, serving as a powerful example of what is possible. As they continue to grow, OLLMOO dedicates a proportion of profits to NGOs and charities advocating for unrestricted access to education for young women and girls.

OLLMOO has come a long way in this past year but there is still so much more to do. They are inspired by the women they work with and excited to dedicate themselves to advancing the next generation of leaders.

Search OLLMOO for more information about their services, the community, and free resources.

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