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Newicon Shatters Glass Ceiling to Empower Women in Tech

Newicon, a trailblazing software development and IoT technology company, is making waves in the UK’s tech industry after reporting a historic milestone by achieving a 10:9 female-to-male employee ratio. The company has raised the bar for employing women in tech and has become a beacon of gender equality in the UK.

According to the government-funded growth network Tech Nation, nearly three million people, or 9% of the UK workforce, work in the tech industry. Fifty per cent of workers in the labour market are women; in tech, it is half that, at 26%. A recent survey by Women in Tech pointed out that although the latest figures show a 7% increase from 2019, “there is plenty of work still to be done”.

Highlighting the importance of women in tech, Steve O’Brien, CEO of Newicon, said: “You aren’t getting a true picture of reality if you are only getting one gender mind. Women in technology are crucial to us and contribute significantly to the success of our projects.

“There have been countless critical breakthroughs in technology made by women. We value all perspectives from people of different backgrounds, and a diverse workplace is a far more interesting place to work.”

Newicon’s continued commitment to gender balance gives them a competitive advantage as it fosters collaboration and superior results for its clients. As one of the 15 companies in Bristol participating in the Bristol Creative Industries Internship Programme, Newicon further demonstrates its dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Newicon’s commitment to gender equality and diversity not only drives innovation and collaboration but also sets the standard for the industry. By creating a supportive environment for people of all backgrounds, Newicon is championing a brighter future for the entire tech sector.

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