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NEW Trailblazing Recruitment Agency to Transform the Way Businesses Recruit in the UAE with a Unique Cultural Approac

Serial entrepreneur, Ryan Jackson, has launched the revolutionary recruitment consultancy, Culture First Recruitment, in Dubai, promising to redefine the rules of recruitment by placing ‘culture’ at the forefront of talent acquisition.

Unlike traditional approaches, Culture First Recruitment believes that cultural fit is the driving force behind an organisation’s success rather than purely focusing on a candidate’s academic or experience credentials. In a world where ‘culture’ often remains a buzzword, Culture First Recruitment is rewriting the narrative and positioning culture at its heart to build high-performing teams – propelling businesses to new heights.

Culture First is already working in the education sector in the UAE to deliver exceptional talent to meet the needs of education providers. The business also works to find culturally aligned Emirati citizens to meet inclusion figures.

Ryan Jackson, CEO and Founder of Culture First Recruitment and internationally recognised serial entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, said on the launch of Culture First Recruitment:

“We are delighted to see Culture First Recruitment already thriving in Dubai. As a business, we are committed to creating a future where cultural alignment becomes the cornerstone of recruitment.

“Culture First Recruitment is driven by the belief that a workforce united by shared values and a common cultural vision, becomes a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and overall excellence.”

Jackson, who relocated from the UK to Dubai in 2022 after spending two years in Bali, has two children currently experiencing the UAE education system with outstanding results. Jackson commented “At Culture First, we recognise just how important finding the right fit, is. And this is none more prevalent than in the education sector. With a mixture of cultures, faiths, languages, and backgrounds, finding the right talent to work with such a varied room of students is imperative. I’ve seen first-hand the amazing education system on offer in Dubai and I’m excited to be able to work within such a growing sector to bring even more talented individuals to the forefront.”

The mission of Culture First Recruitment is clear—to elevate the recruitment game and embrace a future where cultural alignment reigns supreme, revolutionising the hiring landscape in the UAE.

As part of Culture First Recruitment’s launch in the UAE, the founder, Ryan Jackson is offering businesses the opportunity to join a FREE webinar every Wednesday on how to master talent acquisition. To sign up for the free webinar, please visit here.

Culture First Recruitment invites businesses in Dubai to experience a recruitment journey like never before. For organisations looking to build teams that not only excel individually but also seamlessly collaborate as a cohesive unit, Culture First Recruitment is the partner of choice. Please visit for more information.

For those looking to find a new career with a business that values culture, please visit:

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For media inquiries, please contact: Beth at [email protected] or Ema at [email protected] About Culture First Recruitment: Culture First Recruitment are rewriting the rules of recruitment to bring a new era of success to the recruitment landscape. A place where ‘culture’ isn’t just a buzzword – it’s the driving force behind an organization’s success. Culture First Recruitment position cultural fit at the forefront of talent acquisition, unlocking a dimension of achievement that transcends traditional norms. The team at Culture First Recruitment believe that true accomplishment extends beyond mere skillset and experience; it’s rooted in shared values and a profound sense of belonging. When individuals connect with an organization on a cultural level, the results are nothing short of spectacular. Cultural alignment creates a workforce where every member not only thrives individually but also seamlessly collaborates as a cohesive unit. When a team shares a common vision, their collective efforts gain extraordinary momentum, fostering unmatched creativity, innovation, and overall excellence. Culture First Recruitment exists to elevate a business’s recruitment game and embrace a future where cultural alignment reigns supreme.    

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