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Multi award-winning children’s IP entertainment brand, Green Bean Studios wins Innovate UK Award

Manchester-based Green Bean Studios® has been named the winner of Innovate UK’s Inclusive Innovation Award 2023. The multi award-winning children’s IP entertainment brand will be using the award to develop and launch three exciting new innovations, cementing the brand as the de facto leader in sustainability and EdTech whilst supporting young children’s learning and development.

The Inclusive Innovation Award aligns with Green Bean Studios’ mission and values as an innovative business seeking to make an impact on global issues including childhood obesity, children’s mental health, negative impacts of overusing technology, and the ecological crisis.


On winning the award, founder Anita Frost said: “The first five years of a child’s life are critical. I am incredibly passionate about enabling children from all backgrounds to access great books, toys, games and media content which supports the foundational level of a child’s early years. Unfortunately, the estimated social cost of late intervention is over £16 billion each year.


“My answer to this has been to focus on developing a children’s brand built on the foundations of what children across the globe need to thrive. Children don’t have the power to tackle these huge societal issues for themselves; it is the duty of those such as myself who understand what needs to change to take action and make a difference, one child at a time. This award supports us being able to get closer to achieving this.”


Green Bean Studios was founded on Anita Frost’s 20+ years of child development and business experience and the team’s combined 30+ years of creative industry experience. Harnessing this expertise, the brand has grown to help children learn through play, love outdoor adventures, and nurture the world around them.


Green Bean Studios has built an innovative multi-revenue children’s brand, creating a range of collectable childrens’ books called Green Bean Collection, as well as eco toys, games and wholesome media content currently valued at £59m. In the last three years since the brand was founded, the business has achieved overseas sales while still in their R&D stages.


Sustainability is at the heart of Green Bean Studios’ mission, from their stories and fictional characters, to their educational eco toys and music. With the current global ecological crisis, more households are seeking sustainable products for their families, including affordable yet sustainable toys and entertainment for children.


To develop the brand’s eco retail lines, they are partnering with Lancaster University’s Centre for Global Eco-Innovation Lancaster Environment Centre, with PHD students helping to test and develop sustainable materials to use in new eco toys and books.


Another key consideration for the brand will be several of the United Nations 17 sustainable goals. These include Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and Production; Goal 4 – Quality Education; Goal 9 – Industry Innovation & Infrastructure; Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities.


Supporting children to play, learn and develop with confidence is fundamental to Green Bean Studios’. Across their retail, music, and TV productions elements of the EYFS Statutory Framework are incorporated to support early years children in their education.


With the recent development of their first children’s music album, Time To Dance, Green Bean Studios aims to combat childhood obesity and protect children’s mental health. The upbeat energetic tracks include sounds found in the natural world to encourage children and families to get active, promoting positive mental and physical health.

Anita added: “With the new ECO innovations being developed here at Green Bean Studios, we  are excited to continue creating precious moments for parents and children to share through fun outdoor adventures.


“We’re thrilled to have won this prestigious award as it will enable us to expand our team and forge new partnerships to support our ongoing growth and development. In doing so, we will have a huge impact on the lives of early years children globally, supporting their foundations for learning so they can reach their full potential.”



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Founded by Anita Frost in 2020, Green Bean Studios is a fast growing, multi-award-winning Manchester-based children’s IP entertainment production company promoting sustainability, learning through play, and a love of outdoor adventures. The brand has expanded its retail offerings, building on the success of its popular collectable children’s book series, called the Green Bean Collection, to develop a range of educational eco toys and games. Since its launch, developing children’s entertainment productions has been at the forefront of the team’s plans. Earlier this year, Green Bean Studios released the demo of their first children’s music album, Time To Dance, and they currently have an animated children’s TV series in development. About Anita Frost Anita Frost is a multi award-winning author, entrepreneur and the founder of Green Bean Studios®. She has an extensive professional background in both child development and business industries. Anita, along with a talented team of professionals, have come together to create precious moments for children and families through a fun, educational range of books, toys, games, music, and TV productions. The global children’s brand is based at Green Bean Studios, the home to its first revenue stream, the Green Bean Collection®, which is a multi-award-winning range of children’s books and toys. The educational and unique books, toys and games are designed to promote a love of the outdoors, kick-start reading skills, and nurture a love of reading in young children. The range is produced using planet-friendly methods, in a way that contributes to and supports local, independent businesses. Green Bean Collection® is a series of collectible books and toys following six unique characters in the beautiful lands of Adventure Dales. Leading character, Green Bean™, is a cool, fun-loving, genderless bean who enjoys discovering new things, playing with friends, and protecting the environment by encouraging sustainable living.

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