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Love for Luna – Top Puppy Names by Breed!

Agria Pet Insurance reveals the 2023 puppy names that have taken the UK by storm.


Finding the perfect name for your puppy can be an exciting but tough task. Whether you’re drawn to a sentimental name or want to pick the cutest name for your adorable pooch, it’s helpful to know the trendiest names for your furry companion. Keep in mind that these popular names can evolve over time, so it’s vital to stay in the loop!


Luna reigned supreme as the top name amongst the majority of dog breeds, closely followed by Teddy and Poppy.


One of the world’s leading animal insurers – Agria Pet Insurance – has shared the 2023 top pet names among the most popular breeds:


  • Cocker Spaniel – Willow
  • Crossbreed – Teddy
  • Labrador Retriever – Luna
  • Jack Russel – Poppy
  • Border Collie – Luna
  • Cockapoo – Luna
  • Dachshund – Daisy
  • Shih Tzu – Teddy
  • Golden Retriever – Luna
  • Border Terrier – Bertie
  • Miniature Schnauzer – Poppy

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