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Learn how to design the future of your business in Boardroom Creativity by Fennemiek Gommer and Anne Mieke Eggenkamp

It’s time to get serious about creativity. The world needs more of it to find new solutions for today’s complex challenges. Current pressures for improved sustainability are an opportunity to redesign organisations  for the better, and accelerated technological change increases the demand for business innovation. To transform their business to the next level, leaders must use whole-brain thinking to enable them to both exploit the resources available to them and explore what is not yet.

Traditionally, boards tend to be left-brain dominant and focus more on their analytical and control role. By developing their creative intelligence and learning how to use a future-led approach in their strategy development, they can accelerate their business’ transformation.

In Boardroom Creativity, Fennemiek Gommer and Anne Mieke Eggenkamp describe how boards can apply creativity both in strategy and leadership development. The duo shares an unusual combination of experience in board roles with a creative background. They are independent non-executive chairs of several companies and co-founders of Caracta Business Innovation, working together to help leaders design their future direction, brand positioning and transformation journeys.

In the book, they encourage the reader to approach business innovation as a design challenge, applying the creative approaches and tools that are successfully used by designers and innovators. They offer a unique perspective based on expertise in strategy, innovation, design, leadership and learning – areas not often combined. Throughout, they explain how leaders can make a difference through designing their business innovation journey and team to  ensure they include learning, commitment and diversity of perspectives.

Boardroom Creativity advocates a creative yet practical approach for leaders who want to redesign their business and their board to create long-term value. Packed with exercises and examples, and based on the authors’ nine tried-and-tested principles, this book will enable the reader to accelerate business transformation by  embracing a future-led approach to strategy development, designing not just your future direction, but the process and the team as well, and applying creativity (beyond brainstorming) in the whole innovation journey. It focuses on helping the reader in training their creative muscle, making unusual, new connections as a catalyst for innovation and redesigning  boards to become more whole-brain and stay future-proof.

It is the perfect read for business leaders, entrepreneurs and both executive and non-executive board members. Challenging those at the top to step out of their comfort zone first, Anne Mieke and Fennemiek explain how designing a business’s future needs a disruption of the status quo at board level before anywhere else.

Boardroom Creativity is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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Boardroom Creativity explains how to design the future of your business

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