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Jurassic Park’s roaring good toilet scene named most iconic by UK public

More than one in five UK adults think Jurassic Park’s ‘lawyer eaten on the toilet’ scene is the most memorable toilet sequence in film history.

Meet the Parents (17%), Dumb and Dumber (16%), Trainspotting (14%), and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (12%) complete the top five.

Interestingly, no scenes selected included the more realistic scenario of blocked toilets, an issue more likely to be faced by UK households.

The research has been undertaken by Nice ‘N CLEAN Wipes, which has launched a ground-breaking moist toilet tissue product which breaks apart even faster than normal toilet roll to overcome the risk of toilet blockages.

From diving into the worst loo in Scotland to destroying a backyard through an overflowing septic tank with a single flush, toilets have played a memorable part of some of the silver screen’s biggest films.

And now, the UK public has answered the call of a Flint-based manufacturer to select the one which sits atop the throne of iconic toilet scenes, with top spot going to a sequence involving the king of the dinosaurs.

Market research undertaken by Nice ‘N CLEAN Wipes, which produces the new SecureFlushTM Moist Toilet Tissue and is made by Flint-based Nice-Pak International, has found 22 per cent of UK adults put the 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park at the top of their list of most iconic toilet segments on film.

The sequence, in which the T-Rex escapes its enclosure and attacks the park guests, sees lawyer Donald Gennaro, played by Martin Ferrero, eaten by the charging dinosaur after being trapped on the toilet as he hides in the bathroom.

Jurassic Park’s iconic scene is the oldest in the overall top five selected by the public, with Meet the Parents (17%), Dumb and Dumber (16%), Trainspotting (14%), and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (12%) rounding out the list.

Alice Plimmer from Nice ‘N CLEAN Wipes said: “If there is one thing many of these iconic scenes share, it is that they all focus on someone else’s misfortunes on the toilet, and the sequence from Jurassic Park is a classic example of how being stuck on the toilet one way or another can lead to absolutely dire consequences.

“However, what was also interesting to see was how none of these scenes focus on what is a very real and growing concern for many homes in the UK in the form of clogged toilets and pipes.

“While a blocked toilet amongst other bathroom mishaps can be good for a laugh on-screen, we are determined to make sure such an issue is a thing of the past with our new Nice ‘N CLEAN SecureFlushTM Moist Toilet Tissue, which breaks apart even faster than normal toilet paper.”

The research comes as Nice ‘N CLEAN SecureFlushTM Moist Toilet Tissue rolls out to Tesco stores across the nation, with the product now found next to toilet rolls nation-wide.

The plant-based, plastic-free, and biodegradable wipes are verified as Fine to Flush and independently tested to confirm the wipes break apart even faster than traditional toilet roll in an industry first.

The range aims to help users feel confidently clean while also breaking apart even faster than normal toilet paper, removing the concern behind moist toilet tissue usage.

Separate data also reveals 8 out of 10 UK adults are still concerned about the risk of moist toilet tissue blocking their household pipes*, while the average amount of Google searches for ‘blocked toilet’ in the UK has more than quadrupled since 2004.

Alice continued: “As the makers of the first wet wipe, we continue to pioneer developments in the category and exceed industry expectations.

“With people wanting to make the right choices based on the environment as well as do the best by their and their family’s needs, this is exactly why our team have designed these innovative and sustainable wipes.”

Alongside the moist toilet tissue, baby wipes and toddler wipes in the Nice ‘N CLEAN Wipes range have also been launched, with the full variety able to be purchased from Amazon.

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Data gathered from a survey of 1,000 UK residents who are over the age of 18. Nice-Pak is the UK’s leading producer of wet wipes on behalf of global brands and retailers. Manufacturing on behalf of seven out of the top ten leading personal care brands, the product portfolio includes baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, moist toilet tissue and household cleaning wipes. Our brands include Sani Hands and Nice ’N CLEAN. The company’s founder was the pioneer of the wet wipe back in the 1950’s. Nice ‘N CLEAN’s mission is to keep families healthy and happy by providing convenient and effective ways to clean everything – from baby’s bottoms to our skin – with wipes made from sustainable, plant-based fibres. The whole range is built around Nice-Pak’s brand ethos: Nice for you, Nice for our planet. * Research carried out amongst 200 consumers by Attest, (19-22 November 2021), in which 83 per cent of respondents (who’d consider buying moist toilet tissue) and 76 per cent of current moist toilet tissue buyers said they were extremely, or somewhat concerned about the risk of blocking toilet or pipes when flushing moist toilet tissue wipes.

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