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JLL Continues Tradition of Illuminating Comic Relief TV Show for Another Year

JLL, a key component of the JL-Group, stands as a prominent Technical Production Partner Company nestled in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Renowned for its team of adept technical experts, creative minds, and adept problem solvers, JLL operates on a global scale across various industry sectors, collaborating with renowned brands in television, live events, film, and exhibitions.

For several years, JLL has been the driving force behind the lighting production for live show Comic Relief Red Nose Day, underneath the direction of Lighting Designer Chris Kempton. The scale of JLL’s involvement might escape the notice of viewers at home, yet it’s colossal – with hundreds of lighting fixtures dispatched solely for the 5-hour show. Rigging and operating these fixtures are just a fraction of their contribution. JLL also plays a pivotal role in supplying Green Hippo Media Servers, facilitating the captivating video elements that adorn the backdrop of performers, culminating in the momentous reveal of the total amount raised by the end of the show.

The approach of Comic Relief Red Nose Day is met with immense anticipation by JLL as it marks a company-wide engagement, from meticulous equipment testing and loading trucks at the JLL HQ warehouse to delivering services on-site. Every member of the team embraces the opportunity to contribute to this truly special cause.

With a legacy spanning over 37 years, Comic Relief Red Nose Day was conceived by Richard Curtis and Jane Tewson in 1985 with the aim of leveraging comedy to raise funds. Thanks to the generosity of individuals across the UK, Comic Relief has surpassed the monumental milestone of £1.5 billion raised over the years, impacting the lives of millions. In recent times, Comic Relief funding has been instrumental in supporting 3 million individuals.

JLL considers it a privilege to play a part in this extraordinary and much-needed cause, which has brought relief to countless individuals in need. They express their enthusiasm for the upcoming show and eagerly anticipate once again being behind the scenes, crafting a visually captivating spectacle for Comic Relief Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief this year will be broadcasting LIVE from its home at Media City UK, Salford, on Friday, 15th March, starting at 7pm across BBC One, BBC Two, and BBC iPlayer.

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**About JLL**

JLL, part of JL-Group, is a Technical Production Partner Company based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Comprising a team of world-class technical, creative, and imaginative problem solvers, JLL works across multiple industry sectors globally, partnering with some of the world’s leading brands in television, live events, film, and exhibitions.

Notable clients include BBC, ITV, Amazon Prime Video, The Walt Disney Company, Netflix, YouTube, and many more. These esteemed partnerships have allowed JLL to execute projects across the UK and internationally, solidifying its reputation as a premier technical production partner.

JL-Group exists to helps DOP’s, Gaffers, production companies, technical directors, creative agencies, in-house corporates, and organisers deliver exceptional audience experiences. We consistently blend our inventory, heritage and technical knowledge of all things video, light, sound, set & stage together to offer our clients a reliable platform for their inspiration and imagination.

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