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International Womens Day 2024 Mandy Tyrer Professional Mom

My accidental Mission – to empower my family, friends, students just where my life touches lives!

Mom to a blended family of six extra-ordinary children, who are all grown and living empowered and independent lives in many parts of the world.

Mom and Campus Director/Owner of a cottage school for fifty students called Maritzburg Tutor Centre, South Africa, empowering the lives of students who don’t fit into the mainstream academics, who prefer colouring outside the lines

Adventure Hiker Mom – Sunflower Sky Hike – 17 years supporting and empowering those who have had to be brave enough to face Cancer, to remember those who fought the Cancer fight, and to celebrate with Cancer survivors.

In the words of singer, songwriter and activist Annie Lennox, who uses the collective power of women to fight for gender equality, said:

“I am a Women.  I am a Mother.

I can connect with the fundamental need to be protected and to protect” – and there started my journey to empower myself and others.

Twenty five years ago I attended my first self-defence workshop, after believing that I was capable of defending myself in any difficult situation and shattered that I would have fought back wrong!  Armed with every bit of anxiety, fear and overwhelm, feeling like I was ill-equipped to even be attending anything of the sort!  Fast forward twenty five years, and from that day I have been compelled to empower others with the same knowledge that impacted my life so greatly!

Chinese Proverb:  “When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others!”

And that is exactly the joy I get from doing just that.

Nothing excites me more than hosting empowerment team-building workshops and watching women and children, initially shy and insecure, completely transform into beautiful, strong, powerful women as knowledge replaces fears.  Self-belief is beautiful!  No major Jackie Chang moves but simple and effective techniques and powerful knowledge to trust oneself, and to believe in oneself!  Yes, there is doom and gloom but let’s flick the switch and focus on the empowerment of self-confidence, setting boundaries and being proud of the women we be, just as we are!

Living in Africa and having the privilege of often being in the wild reminds me that a Lion, despite being King of the Jungle, NEVER walks between a Lioness and her cubs.  What can you choose today to become a Lioness?!  To become a fierce and proud Women who can be self-reliant and the great protector of those closest to her?

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