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Gi Group Reveals Gen Z’s Workplace Red Flags

Gen Z, a cohort which succeeds millennials aged between 17 to 28, is the most recent addition to the recruitment pool. They are now the backbone of many industries and it’s fair to say they are a talented and agile generation of workers, with an array of specific workplace red flags.

Recruiters across the world, including, Gi Group, one of the UK’s leading recruitment and HR companies,

are quickly learning what makes Gen Z tick – what appeals to them when searching for a job and what makes them leave but unfortunately, for many other businesses they aren’t hitting the nail on the head when it comes to understanding this new group.

When compared to their predecessors, this generation place great value on the support and guidance offered by their employer. With the societal challenges from the precarious cost of living situation and the long-lasting effects of the pandemic, this group is being misunderstood. So, Mark Tuban, Marketing Director at Gi Group asked their branch consultants, ‘how should a business alter its approach if it wants to grab the attention of and create loyal employees from Generation Z?’

Collecting data from across their extensive and experienced workforce, which operates more than 26 branches and 60 sites, and employing 650 people nationally, the Gi Group team identified their top 4 key takeaways that can support recruiters to ensure their Gen Z team flourish within the workplace.

Red Flag 1: Weak or non-existent company values. Values are at the top of the checklist for when Gen Z is comparing you to your competitor. Ensuring your company has a clear set of manageable values across your website, social media, and internal and external company values is key to attracting this new generation… better still are you able to demonstrate your values in action?

Red Flag 2: A toxic workplace culture. Gen Z is a generation of strong and opinionated individuals who aren’t afraid to quit a job if they feel there isn’t a ‘positive vibe’. That’s why it’s important to remain consistent with your messaging and send out regular communications about what it is your business stands for. Show that your company has a strong ethos and is dedicated to nurturing and listening to these young professionals to create a happy and healthy workplace culture.

Red Flag 3: A lack of mental wellbeing support. This modern generation aren’t overly impressed in flashy salaries when it stands in isolation, offering strong mental health and wellbeing initiatives and a committed mentor are far more appealing attributes.

Red Flag 4: A lack of career development. Gen Z is determined to prove their workplace efforts will pay off with a clear pathway for progression from the moment they step through the door.

Mark Tuban added: “As the first ‘digital natives’, Gen Z want to be working efficiently online, rather than on paper and unsustainably. DE&I is not expected by these new professionals, it is all they have known. Whilst a salary isn’t the primary driver for this group, clear progression and financial growth are key to maintaining Gen Z employees.”

This new generation is considered less impressionable than their predecessors, with largely cemented politically progressive views. Not only does this demographic differ in mindset from their seniors, but they also place a greater emphasis on their core values and expectations for their employer – focusing on honesty, transparency, and equality.

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