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General Availability Of Explorance BlueML To Help HR And Academic Leaders Build A More Robust and Agile Workforce

Explorance, the leading provider of People Insight Solutions, has announced the general availability of Explorance BlueML and the start of a special free offer for the award-winning workforce and student sentiment analysis solution.


An industry-leading machine learning (ML) tool trained on employee and student responses, BlueML delivers actionable insights from large datasets of comments and feedback in minutes. Eliminating the need for time-consuming manual review and data organisation processes, businesses and academic institutions gain a clearer look at employee and student needs and expectations, while also informing proactive measures to support a more satisfied, engaged, and well-trained workforce or student body.


Furthermore, the Explorance machine learning algorithms support the elimination of human bias in reviewing large data sets. MIT News reported that a team of researchers from MIT and Harvard found that training machine learning models on diverse sets of data can help the models reduce bias. Data sets that contain limited data are much more likely to discriminate when they make decisions. Supporting this concept, BlueML applies a consistent interpretation for every piece of employee and student feedback, ensuring standard and equal categorisation even when analysing thousands of feedback comments.


“Most organisations are unaware that they are sitting on a large source of untapped feedback datasets that can help improve their people’s overall experience and career journey,” said Samer Saab, Explorance Founder and CEO. “With BlueML, organisations can now bring to light the uncommon connections, and deep insights, about employees or students, that are otherwise not easily accessible. With automated and intelligent analysis, the time and effort it takes to unlock data-driven decisions is significantly reduced, empowering organisations to act by evidence and not by assumption.”


HR has been elevated into more strategic roles and conversations, enabling them to bring the voice of the employee into the boardroom. Fuelled by data, HR can inform strategies for employee retention, employee engagement, and employee performance. Employees are continuously talking and providing feedback, high-performing organisations are learning how to listen, and take action. The brave conversations that HR leaders are having, when informed by employee sentiment and organised by the diverse workgroups, give insight to decisions that impact an entire workforce.


The Employee Experience and Learning Categorisation Models provide insights with crowdsourced recommendations support actions that ensure employees can perform at their best and evolve their career. Meanwhile, the Student Experience Categorisation Model allows academic leaders and administrators to focus on the key drivers for student success. BlueML fuels the entire student educational experience including all four facets: application, student life, learning, and alumni.


The Explorance technology suite has already earned multiple industry accolades from the Brandon Hall Group in recent years including Best Advance in AI and Machine Learning (Gold) and Best Advance in Talent Management/Business Impact Tools (Bronze). This year, Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, commented:


“The technology innovations that Explorance is coming out with are vitally important. Our research shows that most organisations (62%) do not have a strong understanding of the needs of their workforces, their skills, motivations or what they value – and don’t value – in their employment. It is impossible to make great business and talent decisions without insights borne from people data. Many organisations are sitting on rich data that they don’t have the expertise or tools to analyse. Solutions like Explorance BlueML can be a real game-changer.”


Each personalised report will provide leaders with a sneak peek about workforce and student body sentiment, highlight the most important topics impacting the organisation and contain a summary of actionable insights. Organisations can provide Explorance with up to 1000 employee or student comments.


Explorance BlueML was on display with demonstrations and trial stations at the Explorance MTM Impact Symposium 2023, taking place in New Orleans, LA between 1-3 March.

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Explorance BlueML, award-winning workforce and student sentiment analysis solution.

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