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Former The Range and Dr Oetker marketeers join forces to launch AI and scale-up advisory

Exceedity Ltd is a new UK-based scale-up advisory company with a focus on harnessing AI to help accelerate eCommerce growth, empowering businesses to unlock revenue and drive sustainable growth amidst a challenging retail landscape. It’s the brainchild of former The Range and Fruugo director, Glen Richardson and former Marketing Director for a Dr Oetker portfolio company, Claire Astbury. Combined, they have 40 years in the retail and digital space serving in C-suite positions, overseeing multiple B2B and B2C brands.

In the digital, e-commerce, and marketing realms, a common issue arises: overwhelming workload and a shortage of manpower. As overhead costs rise and competition intensifies, businesses are at risk of going under. In May 2023, there was a 40% YoY increase as 2,552 businesses succumbed to insolvency. However, the leadership at Exceedity say that AI wont steal jobs, it can actually save and protect them. Previously time-consuming tasks that required multiple individuals over weeks or months can now be accomplished by a single person with AI expertise in a matter of days or even hours. With the launch of Open AI’s ChatGPT in November 2022, generative AI is now available to the masses.

Glen Richardson, Exceedity Founder, commented, “Although many large enterprises have already embraced AI and recognise its value, the key question is whether employees are utilising AI efficiently and effectively. Additionally, how are businesses utilising the hours they have saved? The true value lies in reinvesting those reclaimed hours into growth initiatives.

“Utilising this newfound time is a skill in itself! Numerous organisations lack the planning efficiency required to leverage the overnight liberation of time and put it to optimal use within their organisation.

“Exceedity, as an AI consultancy, not only empowers businesses with tailor-made AI strategies to unlock revenue and eliminate operational obstacles but also assist in channeling the reclaimed hours into high-growth initiatives that propel businesses forward without expanding the workforce. By joining forces with Exceedity, businesses can harness the power of AI to streamline operations and drive sustainable growth.”



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Notes to editors To contact Exceedity, email [email protected], street address Willoughby House, 2 Broad Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 1PB. Telephone: 01780 678878.

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