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Food futurologist prediction: Halal to become mainstream

A renowned food futurologist has predicted that halal food is set to become mainstream in the coming years, following in the footsteps of other cuisines such as vegan and plant-based options.

In a new report produced on behalf of Takul, which makes halal convenience foods, Lyndon Gee says halal food has evolved from being a religious dietary choice to being a marker of safe, healthy, hygienic and reliable food.

With trust being so key to what people choose to buy, especially food-wise, Lyndon said, “various research studies indicate that non-Muslims have a positive opinion of halal food products and show significant intention to buy them, as they know halal food is appropriately processed”.

He added that halal products “will be chosen for non-faith-based reasons, simply because the food appeals, offering manufacturers even greater opportunities as halal products move into less traditional dishes”. 

Lyndon Gee has broad experience in the halal food industry. He’s worked with Diabetes UK on various recipes for Ramadan aimed at the Muslim community and was creative consultant for a halal fast food burger concept.

With almost half of the UK Muslim population under the age of 24, the report also reveals how pivotal the younger generation are in terms of shaping what halal food looks like today. 

Lyndon said: “Cash rich and time poor, the younger generation seek convenience and speed. Gen Y and Gen Z consumers are more adventurous and looking for new flavours and different food experiences than their parents. Products such as pasties or samosas that can be eaten in one hand are ideal.”

He added: “Mealtimes have become blurred and there has been a big rise in snacking, whether the on-the-go meal replacement, or sitting down with friends and enjoying a film or a game and sharing a selection of foods such as pizza, charcuterie, or samosas. The social aspect of eating should never be underestimated, but with busy lifestyles people are looking for easy, cost-effective solutions to entertain their friends.”

Takul makes a range of convenience meals and snacks which include pizzas, samosas, pasties and deli meats which are available in selected Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

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Notes to editors   About Takul   Takul is a brand designed for the modern British Muslim shopper. It offers a range of delicious Halal accredited convenience food targeted at the growing modern British Muslim population who are increasingly looking for tasty meal solutions that fit in with their busy lifestyles and can be eaten both at home and on the go. The Takul range is currently available at selected Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores. Takul is part of the Stonehouse Foods family, and is made up of a team of experts that have been serving diverse communities and creating specialist food products for many years. Stonehouse Foods specialises in sourcing and distributing a wide range of chilled World foods – from Polish cooked meats to Halal chilled pizzas, ready meals, snacks and cooked meats. All supplied into the major multiples and food service sectors throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. The Halal certification body performing these traceability examinations will differ between our suppliers as we continue to build out our product range. As per Halal and BRC requirements, we ensure Halal compliance and certification from slaughterhouse to finished products where a traceability examination takes place every 6 months. We only source the meat from Halal certified suppliers. Not only that, we ensure the slaughterhouse’s methods of slaughter are compliant with Islamic law, ensuring methods of stunning complies with Islamic guidelines and prohibited methods are not employed.

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