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Fintech Suits Me introduces customer friendly video meetings as alternative to chatbots

Suits Me, the UK-based Fintech supporting the underbanked, is delivering a face-to-face service to its customers.

The rise of online banking has removed the ‘branch like’ service that so many appreciated and valued.  With service at the forefront, Suits Me have launched their Face-To-Face Appointment Service to all customers and applicants.

If Suits Me customers are struggling with any element of their account, they don’t need to worry. Thanks to the launch of the virtual face to face service, customers can be hand held and spoken to when they need to.

Mardi Stretch, Customer Service Director at Suits Me, which is based in Knutsford, Cheshire, said: “The chat box serves a great purpose and aids customers with solutions and answers quickly.  For the more complex requirements, they can be frustrating at best!  Between long wait times and misinterpreted questions, the customer can be left waiting and desperately hoping to speak to a person.

“We are delighted to be able to introduce an exciting era of personalized connection for Suits Me customers. From July we are offering Face to Face video meetings with our valued customers, adding to the personal touch customer service we are so proud of. We are using the power of technology to enhance our customer experience, allowing us to engage with our customers directly, no matter the distance. In this day and age of bots and barriers, I am proud that Suits Me shine through with our multi-lingual, human touch, supporting those who need it, when they need it most”.

Suits Me® offers forward thinking online accounts to UK citizens that hold all the same traditional banking like features except for an overdraft or the possibility to take out credit. It supports those who face identification barriers when trying to open an account and supplies multi-lingual support, as well as refer & earn bonuses alongside use and earn credit which offers partners up to 15% cashback.

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Service with a smile is back. People want people to help with their financial needs, not a chatbot.

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