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Fairfords® Launches Fairfords Logistics Ltd

Fairford Enterprises Ltd, known as Fairfords®, has announced the launch of its new company and business division, Fairfords Logistics Ltd. Fairfords Logistics will manage the company’s transportation and logistics services for companies across the United Kingdom. This news comes as Fairfords® prepares to develop its online retail platform in the UK and USA, bringing together local businesses and customers in one site. Unlike other sites like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon, Fairfords® works with, and at times invests in, local businesses and companies to provide goods to their customers, encouraging the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises across several industries.

With the launch of Fairfords Logistics Ltd, Fairfords® hopes to create a more localised transportation network for companies needing transportation and warehousing their goods in and outside of the UK. Mr. Fernandes, Chairman of Fairfords® states “We are very excited to announce the launch of Fairfords Logistics. It is my hope and goal that the company will be able to help manufacturers and growers in the UK move their goods around the country and abroad, utilising our multinational network to grow and expand their businesses. Our commitment to helping UK-based companies of all sizes realise their maximum potential through our services is one of our top priorities. It is important to us that we help these businesses that will provide jobs and positive opportunities for their local communities.”

Fairfords® is looking to locate its new distribution facilities in the Somerset region and has been looking at several sites for its first warehouse and distribution centre. The company will release additional details as more information comes available.

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