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Eleanor Fausing launches luxury linen fabric collection inspired by nature

Interior fabrics designer Eleanor Fausing has launched her “Folium” Collection. This fabric collection features a range of seven designs that feature a slice of the outdoors through nature-inspired prints designed to minimise stress, promote a sense of calm and enhance creativity.

Inspired by our environment, Eleanor Fausing’s range of luxury, biophilic prints and fabrics bridge the gap between nature and modern interiors, embracing natural materials and patterns to create tranquil spaces.

The seven prints, Calathea, Forest Ferns, Maidenhair, Oak & Rowan, Palms, Trellis and  Wandering Ivy, are adorned with hand-drawn, natural patterns and digitally printed on linen. Eleanor’s collection uses 100% linen – ideal for curtains, blinds, soft furnishings and upholstery. Linen is produced from the flax plant, which is organic, sustainable, durable, needs little to no irrigation, and is hypoallergenic.

Each print from the range is priced at £120/m and available in five colours, including Natural, Ochre, Olive, Petrol and Stone.

Prints in the “Folium” Collection:

  • Calathea: Recreating the intricate patterns and textures found on Calathea leaves using watercolours. A gorgeous geometric pattern with lots of tonal variation.
  • Forest Ferns: Inspired by the different species of ferns that cover the forest floor.
  • Maidenhair: A watercolour rendition of a cluster of maidenhair fern leaves with an organic, natural feel.
  • Oak & Rowan: A geometric print inspired by elements from Oak and Rowan leaves.
  • Palms: A simple sketch of the houseplant, Lady Palm, inspired this wonderfully geometric, soft pattern.
  • Trellis: Using watercolours created depth in a geometric, flat trellis design – adding a fluid movement to the print through tonal variations.
  • Wandering Ivy: Inspired by Ivy’s wonderful climbing characteristics – drawings of different species to create a beautiful fabric wall of Ivy.

With a deep passion for creativity and design, Eleanor Fausing is a textile and fabric designer who creates hand-drawn, luxury interior fabrics. She takes inspiration from natural elements to develop biophilic prints with positive psychological benefits and is passionate about supporting neurodiversity and good mental well-being.

The “Folium” Collection is Eleanor Fausing’s second launch since starting the business during the COVID-19 lockdown. Eleanor previously worked as a full-time alpine ski instructor, living and working in France, Italy, and Switzerland, and has always been passionate about art, drawing and textiles.

Eleanor explains: “In design terms, biophilia refers to products that help people connect and interact with natural environments. Biophilic design supports cognitive function, physical health and psychological well-being.

“I’ve chosen to print onto natural, unbleached linen to achieve a range of colours that closely match those you would find outdoors. One thing that makes this collection unique is that each decision has been carefully considered, from minimising ink and fabric wastage to using pigment inks when printing. As a neurodivergent person, spending time outdoors plays a huge part in helping me find peace, which ultimately inspired this collection.”

Customers can order eco-friendly fabric swatch cards made with FSC-certified paper and printed using recyclable ink and the complete “Folium” Collection via the Eleanor Fausing website. The fabrics will also be available in the USA through Crans Baldwin LLC.

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