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ECAS Wins Unblocktober Business Champion of the Year Award

Environmental Compliance and Services (ECAS) has become the first ever winner of the Business Champion of the Year Award at the inaugural Unblocktober Awards, a new awards scheme celebrating organisations that embody the spirit of the Unblocktober environmental awareness campaign.

The environmental consultancy and compliance group was selected as Unblocktober Business Champion of the Year for its work in spreading the message about how changes in drainage habits and waste disposal can help to protect the sewers and waterways from blockages and pollution.

On behalf of water companies, ECAS employs environmental inspectors to visit commercial kitchens and show staff how to correctly dispose of their fats, oils, grease (FOG) and food waste to protect the sewers and the environment. Meanwhile, its domestic education officers work to educate households on what they should and shouldn’t be putting down plugholes and toilets.

During October 2022, ECAS made around 5,000 visits to businesses and households across England and Scotland to spread the sewer misuse message, spending time in blockage hotspot areas to help commercial kitchens and communities to review their practices.

They also worked to spread the Unblocktober message across social media throughout the month, with ECAS employees making video commitments to the campaign to encourage more homes and businesses to get involved.

Philip Soden, CEO of ECAS, said: “Our goal is to help reduce blockages, sewer floods, and pollution incidents to benefit everybody. We also want to help water companies to meet their own environmental objectives.

“Outside of work, we practise what we preach. Our people come to work for ECAS because they’re passionate about protecting the environment and helping others do the same.”

Jacob Larkin, spokesperson for Unblocktober, said: “When selecting our first ever Unblocktober Business Champion of the Year, we couldn’t ask for a better candidate than ECAS. This is a business that truly embodies the values of Unblocktober all year round, and the ECAS team has gone above and beyond to spread our message, while making meaningful contributions to driving the campaign’s goals forward throughout October and beyond.

“The Unblocktober Awards are designed to recognise businesses and individuals with a genuine passion for protecting our sewers and seas. If we are going to be able to make a difference in changing our drainage habits for the better, it will be thanks to companies like ECAS and the values they so consistently demonstrate.”

Led by Lanes Group and currently in its fourth year, Unblocktober is the first global awareness campaign that challenges participants to change their drainage habits for 31 days to help protect the environment. The Unblocktober Awards are a new initiative for 2022, celebrating the achievements of those who go the extra mile to exemplify the spirit of Unblocktober, or raise awareness of the campaign and its goals.

Commenting on the campaign, Philip Soden said: “ECAS has championed the Unblocktober campaign for as long as we can remember. The nature of our work means we’re always steadfast supporters of this critical campaign, as it reinforces everything we do.

“Everybody has a role to play in helping save sewers and seas. From households to fast food chains, we must keep the sewers flowing freely, as the impact of blocked sewers affects us all. Blockages are costly to fix, can damage properties, and pollute our waters.

“If you didn’t engage with the 2022 Unblocktober campaign, make sure you do so next year!”

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