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Digital Marketing Agency Delivered Social Offers Free Websites to Charity Sector

Hampshire’s leading digital marketing agency, Delivered Social, is proud to announce a new initiative aimed at empowering charitable organisations across the UK. Building upon their successful offer of free website builds to University of Portsmouth students, Delivered Social is now extending this opportunity to charities. This expansion reflects the agency’s unwavering commitment to supporting the local community and enabling charities to enhance their online presence.

Delivered Social’s presence in Portsmouth, led by esteemed business leader and recipient of the Shaping Portsmouth 2023 Business Award, Terence Carvalho, has been marked by a dedicated commitment to community growth. Following the success of their free website build initiative for students, Delivered Social is taking its philanthropic efforts a step further.

Through their Green offering, Delivered Social has been providing invaluable digital support to numerous charities and CICs (Community Interest Companies) in the UK. Rooted in their belief in Corporate Social Responsibility, the agency aims to bridge the digital gap that many charitable organisations face. Delivered Social offers an array of services, including website development, social media management, SEO, and more, allowing charities to amplify their message and connect with their supporters effectively.

“Charities play a vital role in our communities, and we’re dedicated to equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in today’s digital landscape,” explains Jonathan Bird, the founder of Delivered Social. “Our goal is to provide charities with a professional online presence that accurately represents their mission and resonates with their audience.”

Delivered Social’s commitment to the charity sector is evident through its support for organisations such as The Prostate Project, Basketball4All, Sands Finding Your Way, and many others. In addition to offering free website builds, Delivered Social has extended its support through free webinars and workshops tailored to the needs of the charity sector in Portsmouth and Guildford.

“We’ve witnessed the transformative impact that our services can have on charities, enabling them to reach wider audiences and drive positive change,” affirms Terence Carvalho, Director of Delivered Social’s Portsmouth branch. “By extending our support and offering free website builds, we’re inviting charities of all sizes to amplify their digital presence.”

Delivered Social’s mission is clear: to be a driving force for progress in the digital realm, fostering success for both businesses and charitable organisations. As they extend their support to the charity sector, the agency remains committed to nurturing the next generation of business leaders and amplifying the voices of those who create positive change.

For charities eager to strengthen their online presence and elevate their mission, Delivered Social is ready to make a meaningful impact.

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Terence Carvalho running a social clinic with Shaping Portsmouth. Delivered Social run FREE social clinics for businesses looking to amplify their digital marketing.

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Delivered Social is Hampshire’s premier digital marketing agency, offering a wide range of services including website development, social media management, SEO, and more. Founded with a commitment to supporting local businesses and charities, Delivered Social’s innovative strategies and expert solutions have made a profound impact on the digital landscape. With a passion for nurturing talent and fostering growth, Delivered Social has become a trusted partner for organisations striving to succeed in today’s competitive market.

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