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CurlyLinks is Revolutionising the Hair Extension Industry With its Textured Hair Options

CurlyLinks is re-launching into the wholesale market this coming year to supply hairdressers across the UK and Ireland with their signature curly hair. With the growing natural hair movement, hair extension users are realising more and more the damage that heat and over-styling is doing to their curls. Customers are tired of working hard to match their hair to their extensions, so CurlyLinks is providing the industry with extensions that will match every customer’s unique hair. Curls have never been more in!

Did you know that more than half of UK women have non-straight hair? Textures from a loose wave to the kinkiest curl are available from CurlyLinks, and customers will be able to find them at their local hairdressers this coming year. No more hours spent straightening your hair to match your extensions! We predict wash & go’s and easy morning’s this 2023, as well as a prosperous year for the extension industry, which has never been more inclusive thanks to CurlyLinks & Co.

This is great news for hairdressers on the island and beyond, as CurlyLinks makes it easier than ever to stock their product with their monthly stock replacement system.

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