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ChickenWired launches wire and moss living sculptures

ChickenWired is launching TopiART, a combination of chicken wire and sphagnum moss, offering amateur and professional gardeners and landscapers a sustainable, dynamic and creative way of introducing three dimensional individuality and quirkiness to outside spaces.


Using large gauge chicken wire, ChickenWired can create larger versions of its existing kit creations, which include anything from elephants to human hands. Alternatively, individual designs can be commissioned. Once ChickenWired founder William Ashey-Norman has created the shape, it is filled with moss and finished with a wrap of twine to create a living sculpture.


“My work has always had an ethereal feel due to the nature of the chicken wire. I have worked with thousands of school pupils creating everything from giant chickens to Remembrance soldiers, and TopiArt has evolved out of this journey. To create more solid work is a real treat and the moss, either wet or dry, gives that living dynamism that brings outside spaces to life.”


William Ashley-Norman has been working with chicken wire as a medium for 35 plus years and has put together a craft that he calls ChickenWired. Described as somewhere between Lego and clay and succinctly explained as cut, connect, create, the craft consists of cutting shapes from chicken wire, connecting them together, to create a plethora of possibilities. The artist has spent the last decade visiting hundreds of schools to teach this sculpture craft in workshop to over 40,000 pupils. This time and experience have also allowed for the craft to be finessed and a range of kits have now been created.


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