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Burton Upon Trent Company Research Survey Reveals Brits’ Ideas on reducing energy Costs & Highlights Confusion Around Bills

Twice yearly survey from Burton-based, Project Solar UK, compares suggestions on saving energy  before and after winter and reveals lack of understanding of what to expect of energy bills.


On the street survey video reveals thoughts on energy bills


A twice-yearly survey conducted for Lancaster Business Park-based Project Solar UK to analyse how Brits are coping with the rising energy prices has uncovered some key findings.


The snapshot survey was first conducted in August 2022 and then again at the end of March 2023.  Asking exactly the same questions, the survey found that after the winter where energy bills have been at an all-time high, residents have been creative in their coping strategies to deal with unprecedented costs.  When asked what they would consider doing to lower energy costs –


Twenty-eight per cent of Brits said they would take fewer showers – exactly the same % as last August.


Eleven per cent would choose to take cold showers down from 18% last summer when the temperatures were particularly high.


Nine per cent stated they would move to a higher paying role compared to a double-digit number (11%) surveyed last year.


Ten per cent state they would ask for a pay rise from their current employer to help pay the increased heating, lighting and other energy bills to run a home, the same figure as recorded  on last summer’s response to this question.


Stopping working remotely was highlighted by 5% of those questioned in both surveys.


Seven per cent said they would go on strike to not pay bills last summer with 8% suggesting they would do that now.


The number of respondents saying they would consider renting out a room in their home to split the bills  stayed the same, 7% for both surveys.


People saying, they would start charging children rent remained the same at 5% in both surveys.


The bi-annual  research project was conducted by Project Solar UK, the leading retailer and installer of solar panels in the country with its headquarters in Buron, who wanted to uncover what Brits were thinking around how to lower energy costs and save money in practical ways and to see if opinions had shifted after the cold winter. In both sets of research respondent showed interest in solar panels.  In the latest survey (March 2023) 17%  said they would install solar panels in their home compared to 11% questioned last summer.  10% of those questioned in March 2023 said they would move house to a place with solar panels already installed in an effort to reduce outgoings on energy bills compared to 5% questioned in the height of summer 2022.



Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar UK, says, “The cost-of-living crisis, and specifically the cost of energy, is a real concern and we wanted to look at ideas in these surveys of the practical ways people are considering making changes to save money.  We are aware that there is a lack of information on the benefits of solar energy and are committed to helping  educate people to understand the value solar panels offer. As the leading supplier and installer of solar panels in the UK, we offer a full information service to anyone who would like to understand more about how solar panels might be able to help using our free hotline.”


When asked about how up to date they were on how their energy bill will be changing with the end of the Energy Bills Support Scheme, 46% stated they know how their bill will change, 26% advised that they did not know how their bill will change and 19% stated that they were unsure – showing that many Brits are not clear on what exactly they will be paying.  9% did not know the scheme was coming to an end. Continues Simon Peat, “There is confusion as the Energy Bills Support Scheme comes to an end and bills for the winter and spring months need to be paid.  Solar panels, fitted with battery and monitors, would allow households to keep track of energy being used and to harness the power of the sunshine during daylight to maximise the natural energy source from the sun.”



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