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Book Release: Hindu Astrology – Myths, Symbols And Realities By Dr Anthony P. Stone

Why does Hindu astrology work? That is the central question explored in the book, Hindu Astrology by the late Dr. A. P. Stone. Originally published in hardback, it is now being published in paperback by Pippa Rann Books after being out of print for decades. It’s publication date is 20 June 2024 and is available for pre-order from all bookstores and online retailers.

Hindu Astrology transcends all culture and is a classic, answering questions from – where and how Hindu astrology developed; to what are its similarities with other astrological systems; when does it not work; and everything that the professional astrology and general reader would want to know about this intriguing topic. The book foreword is by Garima Garg, expert and author of, Heavens & Earth: The Story of Astrology through Ages & Cultures.

The author, Dr. Stone, was a mathematics graduate, with a PhD in theoretical physics, both from the University of Oxford. He learnt Sanskrit specifically for the purpose of reading the source documents in their original language and went on to write this authoritative book.

Originating in ancient India, and based on the Vedas (the oldest sacred text of Hinduism), Hindu astrology tracks planets, stars, and constellations to predict the future, while western astrology uses the position of the Sun. Hindus believe that their astrological system gives an insight into personalities, and trust it for decision-making regarding everything from marriage to moving home, to business deals, and even when or what to eat or drink.

Prabhu Guptara, Founder, Pippa Rann Books & Media says, “Hindu astrology is a fascinating subject and a powerful tool that is trusted by over a billion people to provide valuable insight and guidance on every aspect of life. I wanted to reprint this book and release it in paperback, so that the work of Dr. Stone becomes accessible to all who want to understand more about this ancient system”.

Both the publisher, Prabhu Guptara and Garima Garg, who wrote the book foreword are available for any media interviews.

More about the author – Dr Stone arrived in India in 1956, and taught mathematics at colleges in Bengal, Kerala, and Delhi. He became intrigued with the Hindu obsession of astrology and learned Hindi at Delhi University and Sanskrit at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan to understand the subject. He was accepted as a Fellow of the Indian Association for History and Philosophy of Sciences, and Life Member of the Indian Mathematical Society and of the Indian Society for the History of Mathematics.


The renowned psychologist Carl Jung, in his book Psychology and Eastern Religion, says about astrology, “everything that we are not consciously in contact with, appears to us as destiny”.






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