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Bobble Digital set for a year of growth following multiple client wins

Specialist Leeds digital marketing agency, Bobble Digital has seen drastic growth over the past year, securing a number of big client contracts from the local region, across the UK and internationally – three of which have appointed the agency in the past few weeks. This impressive growth has seen Bobble Digital hire three new team members in the past quarter of the year and is leading to some exciting changes for the firm in the near future.

Some of the clients who have chosen to work with the agency on their digital marketing strategies over the last year are; Mayfair Worktops, Eatons Solicitors and Pinnacle Body Rejuvenation who began work with the Bobble Digital team in the past month. Along with Sonno Beds, School of New York Times, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, LifeCycle Transitions and Partner Plus Media, who have all been working with the agency for a number of months and are already seeing some great results.

Manpreet Singh, Founder and CEO of Bobble Digital commented: “We are really delighted to be working with so many different clients, both locally and overseas in the US. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen incredible growth and are in discussions to onboard even more clients this year. In the past five years, since I set up Bobble Digital, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a position where we are growing so quickly.

“I’m really proud of the whole team, as I strongly believe the demand we’re seeing is a testament to the great team and reputation we’ve built so far and the value we are bringing to clients. We’ve been receiving fantastic feedback and even secured new contracts with clients, such as Eatons Solicitors after just one meeting. We’re incredibly proud to be an agency that clients are happy to put their trust in so quickly”.

Brandon Bronaugh CEO and Founder of US firm, LifeCycle Transitions shared his experience of working with the agency recently: “We signed up with Bobble Digital to help manage our entire digital presence. Everyone in the team is incredibly professional, diligent and proactive. Before working with them, we’d tried numerous marketing agencies, which were incomparable in terms of the fantastic level of communication, transparency and proactive approach the Bobble team provide.”

Director of Growth Marketing at BrandEd Holdings, Steve Gambardella who approached Bobble Media for support on projects for the School of New York times and Sotheby’s Insitute of Art commented: “Bobble have been superb – turnaround times are fast and completed work is precise. It’s great to work with a conscientious and dynamic team who take so much pleasure in helping.”

Due to the ongoing growth, Manpreet and his team are preparing for some substantial changes over the next few years. CEO, Manpreet reveals: “So we can sustain the level of growth we’re experiencing, we are moving to larger offices in Leeds next month to enable more people to join the team.

“We already have plans for a few more team members to join us over the summer period to support our increasing number of clients. We also have plans to target more potential clients in the US and the Middle East in the next 12 months – to support our wider vision to eventually open offices in New York and Dubai in the next couple of years”.

With such fast growth that’s showing no signs of slowing and ambitious plans for the future, the next two-three years are set to be an incredibly exciting time for the small Leeds agency that’s thriving in the global marketing space.

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