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Armed Forces Brewing Company to Build a Wall of Beer at Southern Border

Many U.S. Veterans Go Homeless & Hungry while
Illegal Aliens Welcomed with Food, Shelter & Airline Tickets

Eagle Pass, Texas, April 5, 2024

A catastrophe is unfolding at the U.S. southern border. Since January of 2021, over 8 million illegal aliens have crossed into the U.S. over the southwest border, a number which is higher than the individual populations of 36 states. A significant majority of Americans (78%), including 78% of Americans of Latino descent, say the large number of migrants seeking to illegally enter this country at the U.S.-Mexico border is either a crisis or a major problem, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in January of 2024. To illuminate the daily struggle of controlling this expanding assault and the effect this invasion has on U.S. military Veterans and their families, Armed Forces Brewing Company is partnering with the Border 911 Foundation to build a symbolic wall of beer and barbed wire at the Rio Grande river at Eagle Pass, Texas on Thursday, April 11th. On April 12th, they will hold a Law Enforcement Appreciation Event at the Shelby Park encampment for the multiple-state border task force that is securing the U.S. border to help build national awareness.


“We want all eyes on the southern border crisis and how it affects our active-duty troops and our Veterans,” said Armed Forces Brewing Company’s CEO, Alan Beal.


Studies show 25% of active-duty U.S. military families experience food insecurity, and more than 6,300 Veterans and 300 active-duty service members commit suicide every year. Veteran homelessness increased by 7.4% in 2023. 56% of our homeless Veterans are African American and Hispanic/Latino. Beal believes resources need to be refocused.


“Instead of taking care of our tens of thousands of homeless Veterans, our local, state, and Federal governments are shelling out over $151 billion to $450 billion a year, depending on whose numbers you believe, of taxpayer funds to cover the cost of illegal aliens. It is hard to understand why our governments put money into the pockets of people from other countries illegally entering the United States, rather than taking care of our own brave men and women who sacrificed to defend our country. It’s infuriating and beyond all logic and morality,” said Beal.


“We heartily support legal immigration,” Beal related. “Most of us come from immigrant families who followed the law to get here. But what is unconscionable is how many of our own military Veterans are going homeless and hungry, while taxpayers are picking up the tab for unvetted illegal aliens to be housed and fed in upscale hotels and flown to their destination of choice around the country. We want to help bring the nation’s focus on helping our Veterans in need before spending taxpayer dollars on people who come here illegally.”


With the number of National Guard soldiers and other law enforcement support exceeding 800 at the Shelby Park encampment, logistics for serving meals is limited, with many only receiving a hot meal once a week. On Friday, April 12th, Armed Forces Brewing Company and Border 911 will serve these deserving men and women a delicious, hot, well-prepared meal with the assistance of local Eagle Pass BBQ restaurant The Wagon Wheel – Smokehouse. “We consider these people our last line of defense, the least we can do is to feed them well,” said Tom Homan, retired Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and President of Border 911 Foundation.


The planned wall of beer will be built from 20 pallets of Armed Forces Brewing Company’s PREAMBLE – We The People light session lager and Special Hops IPA transported in a refrigerated truck. “While the wall of PREAMBLE – We The People and Special Hops may not be effective in deterring illegal aliens, I can guarantee our show of support for our border security enforcement personnel will serve to raise spirits and hopefully raise some critical national awareness of this unfolding crisis and its effect on our own country’s Veterans in need.” said Beal.


Armed Forces Brewing Company is an unabashedly patriotic military and first-responder tribute beer manufacturer with over 10,000 investors, composed largely of active-duty military, veterans, first-responders and their families. With plans for national distribution and global export, Armed Forces Brewing Company currently has widespread distribution through chain stores like Walmart, Publix, Food Lion, Winn Dixie, Kroger, Harris Teeter, as well as in restaurants and specialty stores in 10 states. Proceeds from its beer sales help support Veteran causes, including homelessness and the PTSD-induced suicide epidemic, through its nonprofit AFBC Veterans’ Foundation and partnerships with the John Daly-Major Ed Heart of a Lion Foundation and Code of Vets. Ownership shares are available at $12.50 each with a minimum investment of as little as $200 at


Border 911 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that educates the American public about the facts surrounding a non-secure border. Its leadership speaks from decades of law enforcement experience, having held positions in some of the nation’s largest federal enforcement agencies, whose tenure resulted in the most secure border in the nation’s history. Border 911’s mission is to advocate and communicate the paramount importance the border plays in the nation’s security and prosperity.


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Alan Beal, CEO of Armed Forces Brewing Company, will be available for onsite video/audio interviews from Eagle Pass on April 11 and 12, 2024.  Contact Pam Catindig at 757.927.8257 to arrange.

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