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Alternatives to EIN Presswire for Press Release Distribution

EIN Presswire is a popular press release distribution service used by many companies and organizations to disseminate news and information to the media. However, there are several alternatives to EIN Presswire that provide similar services for distributing press releases.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is one of the largest press release distribution services worldwide. It offers both domestic and international distribution to a network of websites, media outlets, journalists, investors and databases. Some key features of PR Newswire include:

  • Guaranteed distribution to major media outlets and websites
  • Ability to target distribution by industry, location, publication etc.
  • Multimedia press release options with photos, videos, infographics etc.
  • Measurement tools to track views, clicks and engagement

Business Wire

Business Wire is another major press release distribution service with both domestic and global reach. Key features include:

  • Distribution to thousands of media outlets, websites and databases
  • Options for regional or industry-targeted distribution
  • Support for multimedia press releases
  • Real-time analytics on press release performance


GlobeNewswire focuses primarily on financial markets press release distribution. It offers:

  • Distribution to media outlets and websites focused on business, finance and investing
  • Targeting options by industry, region, topic etc.
  • Compliance reviewed distribution for regulatory disclosures
  • Ability to post press releases directly to company websites


PRLog offers a lower-cost press release distribution option. Key features include:

  • Basic distribution to PRLog network of journalists and bloggers
  • Optional add-on distribution to Google News, Bing News and other aggregators
  • Ability to include multimedia content
  • Real-time performance tracking

When choosing a press release distribution service, it’s important to consider your budget, target audience and geographic reach. While EIN Presswire is a popular choice, the alternatives listed above can also effectively distribute your news to the right audiences.


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