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A Focus On Mental Health And Mindset For Socially Shared’s 5th Annual Conference For Women

Businesswomen gathered for the 5th Annual Socially Shared Women in Business Conference 2023 at Ansty Hall, near Coventry, on the 9th of June. Organised by the network’s founder Karen Heap, the topic was “Mind your Business” and was dedicated to mental health and mindset. Wellbeing is a critical topic in business now because it significantly impacts the success of individuals and organisations.

Collectively, the speakers set out key points around mindset, what we perceive as “normal”, and how our childhood can influence our beliefs, thinking and actions. Much talk was about women’s identities, the expectations others place on them, wanting to please people and live up to those expectations. They explored how all of us can lose sight of who we are, but most importantly, how to regain self-identity and purpose and overcome barriers to success through an improved and focused mindset. Dishi Attwood, Director of Membership and Development at Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland, shared stories and information about the fantastic charitable projects that have empowered and supported women and girls in Africa and worldwide.

Speakers from Rugby included Dr Hayley Poole, Clinical Psychologist and Miranda Khilstrom, Wellness Coach; from Kenilworth, Liz Paolone, Holistic Practitioner; from Leamington, Dishi Attwood, Soroptimists International; from Coventry, there was Nishi Mehta, Career and Mindset Coach, Cathy Connan MSC, Psychotherapist, Jacqui Jagger, Leadership & Mindset Coach and from Nuneaton Clare Hopkins, Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach; and London Elizabeth Platt, Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach with a wealth of knowledge, understanding and experience they are proud to be sharing.

About the conference speaker Nishi Mehta said, “When I was asked to do a talk on value, I decided to talk about my journey with knowing, understanding and valuing my personal worth as it’s been a journey for me. I worked on myself by leaning into my vulnerability and produced solutions that served me and my business, recognising that we are forever evolving.”

Asked about their key takeaways, Nishi’s collaborators added, “What’s Normal? Have we created and adapted to an environment that hinders us, and if yes, what can we do about it? Gentle self-inquiry can help us explore the life we have created for ourselves and see if it nourishes or harms us.” (Cathy Conan). “Unconscious patterns can stop us from thriving. They can lead to challenges, including burnout, anxiety, depression and imposter syndrome. Have the courage to get intentional and live a life true to yourself, not the life you think others expect of you” (Clare Hopkins). “Statistics suggest that common mental health issues such as depression and debilitating anxiety are rising and accelerating in the post-pandemic era of economic doom and gloom.” (Liz Paolone) “There’s often a sense of apology for wanting to earn more and a hesitance about being ambitious – women worry about being seen as ruthless or greedy. When their mindset shifts to embrace wanting to earn more, it can be a pivotal moment in their career or business.” (Jacqui Jagger)

“Setting up in business after a long career in the NHS involved a steep learning curve which required a total shift in mindset on my part. Hearing the other speakers outline their journey was inspiring, and it was evident that the attendees shared this in the room.” (Dr Hayley Poole). “Strategic hypnosis becomes a powerful tool because deep at your core is a sense of who you truly are, but growing up, you might have buried your true identity and passions because of family rules, parenting styles, trauma and dysfunction” (Elizabeth Platt) “The art of visualisation can bring dreams to life and give you the focus to allow dreams to become a reality.” Miranda’s mantra is that the ‘body achieves what the mind believes.’ (Miranda Khilstrom)

Socially Shared operates across Warwickshire, West Midlands, Leicestershire and Staffordshire and will expand into Northamptonshire later this year. The headline event of the year, the ‘Women in Business Conference’, is recognised and respected as a critical event in the region and attracts women from across the Midlands.

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