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Young Entrepreneur Unveils Multi-Million-Pound Vision To Become ICT ‘Giant’

A teenage entrepreneur is aiming to shake-up IT and telecommunications by becoming an industry ‘giant’, as part of a disruptive consultancy service.


TECHGIANT Workplace is spearheaded by 19-year-old Oliver Taylor and promises access to whole of market solutions on a global stage, with rapid customer results normally within just a few days.


The ambitious youngster has developed a three-year business plan based on annual revenues of over £5m with further exponential growth planned to reach £20-£30m in just five years.


He is being supported by his father and industry veteran Ian Taylor who has more than 30 years’ experience in corporate IT; building and sustaining high performing technology sales operations.


The London city-based business aims to reduce risk, time and procurement costs by delivering evidence-backed recommended shortlists which best match an organisation’s commercial and technical needs, to support onward digital transformation through collaboration and communication technologies.


Areas of expertise from a diverse cloud-ready services portfolio include:

• Unified Communication and collaboration

• Dedicated contact centre solutions

• AV conferencing and meeting rooms

• Data centre and colocation

• Public, private and hybrid cloud

• Cloud-ready connectivity and infrastructure solutions

• Global call plans

• Virtual online events

• Devices and hardware to drive better user adoption and experience


“I accept there may be scepticism in some quarters, however this is not some naïve pipedream. For me, too often the industry is inundated with copious amounts of sales hype and information overload. It’s time to change that,” Oliver highlighted.


Solid foundations

“Together with my father I have developed a carefully orchestrated blueprint, based on the solid foundations of market understanding, operational excellence and technology-led business innovation.”


He continued: “We have a London city headquarters and a team of highly experienced international data analysts. We’ve garnered a huge amount of credible vendor relationships worldwide with pretty much all the best of breed industry recognised market leaders out there, alongside some relatively unknown ones who may well surprise people with the stability and value they represent.


“We already contribute greatly towards the thought leadership community within our sector, highlighting the impact the right technologies can have in areas such as supply chain, talent attraction, workplace and employee wellbeing. In fact we have authored a whole series of whitepapers which document these areas, with access to a huge portfolio of products and services.


“In addition we are putting the finishing touches to a charity foundation and our own customer rebate TechFund rewards programme. It’s all part of a multi-dimensional strategy. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.”

Bigger picture

He explained: “I feel there is often a blandness to parts of the industry, where some tech sales operations sell the latest products more as commodity rather than pieces of the jigsaw which bind together to support a customer’s holistic and unified vision for change. TECHGIANT is here to help organisations get this right for the long term, rather than selling services purely as a sticking plaster for simply keeping the lights on. We think differently, behave differently and have a dynamic and disruptive vision.

“Of course, we’re not reinventing the wheel but we aim to be industry trendsetters and provide genuine sincerity and a true partnership to our customers. We want to support them and propel them faster across their journey, minimising both risk and cost.

“We recognise the pace of change within ICT is often simply far too fast for any one Chief Information Officer to maintain, whether this is around vendor solutions or changes across the wider technology landscape. This is a key area of the consultative value we provide, surveying the whole marketplace based on the particular areas being assessed, but always with a great consideration around the bigger picture and longer term strategic vision each organisation is wishing to achieve.”

TECHGIANT can arrive at a shortlist of 10, 5 or even just 3 ideal vendors, all in rapid time, with all recommendations underwritten and supported by hard facts and statistics presented in a comprehensive report, on average completed within just a few days (for free).

Buyer certainty

“It’s about creating certainty, finding the right technology fit and developing partnerships which last – underpinned by the best commercial rates anywhere worldwide. We guarantee buyer certainty and best results and estimate we can save IT and procurement departments an average of six weeks work.”

Launched in Autumn 2022, TECHGIANT is also developing a compelling mix of video insights from industry experts as well as hosting informative events to ensure organisations can fully embrace and exploit digital transformation and reshape their communication and collaboration strategies.


Oliver emphasised: “I actually see my young age as a real benefit because I truly do understand the aspirations and demands of this emerging generation in relation to business asks, and in the years to come I hope my company will be of great assistance to both employees and employers alike.


“The TECHGIANT team represents the future; we have the drive, vision and experience to help organisations of any size and state navigate effective operational change through the appropriate use of technology.

“We want to be the first of a new generation of service providers, a true giant of tech. We are changing the rules and refreshing the market. Culture and business productivity is underpinned by technology and so it’s about getting involved in the operational challenges themselves, and looking to apply the right change agents to help companies go faster, compete harder and retain more talent for years to come.


“Technology and customer demands continue to evolve which elevates to a level of critical importance the role of the trusted advisor.”



He concluded: “I am keeping my feet on the ground but we are confident of hitting the benchmarks we have set over the next few years with a turnover ultimately in excess of £30m and, much more importantly, hundreds of satisfied customers.


“On a personal note, I would love to one day be on the front cover of Forbes Magazine and appear on the hit TV show Dragons’ Den, not pitching but actually as one of the dragons, allowing me to help organisations and individuals grow from start-up to success.


“There’s a lot of activity planned ahead for us right now, and I look at how James Watt and BrewDog impacted the drinks industry early on, admiring both their determination and creativity to simply get the job done with a novel approach to market share. They’re a big influence in terms of an innovative market approach.


“Some people may perhaps snigger at our huge ambitions, but it is based on service excellence, a solid structural framework and meticulous planning, so they need to know we mean business. We aim to serve customers better, with honesty and integrity and the highest standards of delivery and performance. For me there’s been far too much complacency in some quarters for far too long.


“As the saying goes, there’s never a bad time to start a business unless of course it’s going to be a mediocre one. And we are anything but that. We are a new breed of tech innovator now in town, with no limits on what can be achieved. 2023 is destined to be a big year for us.”



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