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Whole Foods Market Cleans Up With Seep

London has a household waste problem with one of the UK’s lowest recycling rates with only 32% waste being recycled or composted.


Whole Foods Market is helping Londoners reduce their household waste with the launch of their newly revamped eco cleaning range which includes Seep’s plastic free cleaning accessories range.


Seep offers a stylish range of eco-friendly and sustainable eco cleaning products which have just been listed at all seven Whole Food Markets. The range launching in their stores includes two types of plastic free sponges, all-purpose natural cloths, anti-bacterial copper scourers and biodegradable rubber gloves.


Seep was founded in lockdown by London-based mum, Laura Harnett after she was frustrated at the lack of stylish, eco-friendly products in the cleaning tools aisle. Now it is the only B-Corp cleaning accessory brand in Europe.


Laura said: “There are so many choices for eco cleaning products when it comes to sprays and detergents, but I was disappointed by the amount of plastic and the lack of choice for eco friendly products in the cleaning tools aisle. After mulling over the idea for a couple that I decided to create my own and took the leap during lockdown!


“Consumers who choose an eco-friendly spray should have the option to use a plastic-free sponge with it. We throw out 600 million cleaning tools in the UK each year and that’s an awful lot of sponges going into landfill. I’m really excited to be listed in Whole Foods Market as their sustainability ethos is in line with my own.”

A spokesperson for Whole Food Market said: “We are excited to be launching Seep at Whole Foods Market, a female founded brand offering effective, plastic free and biodegradable essential household products to our customers. Providing customers with sustainable product options is key to our mission to Nourish People & The Planet.”

Seep is an award-winning start-up bringing pioneering products to a dusty cleaning category, continuing to innovate and rethink traditional materials.

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• Seep products are ‘gentle on the planet’ – promising to be plastic waste free, compostable, climate positive, made from renewable sources and longer lasting. They are also ‘gentle on the eye’, having been beautifully designed so they can be displayed with pride on top of the sink. Seep products are also ‘gentle on you’ being made using only natural materials. • All Seep products are available at or via Amazon. • As with all Seep products both it and its packaging are fully recyclable and made from sustainably managed (FSC) sources. • Seep was founded during the 2020 lockdown by Laura Harnett, a former director at Selfridges. Identifying a huge gap in the household market, Laura was left frustrated at the sea of plastic that awaited her every time she went down the cleaning tool aisle. Noting there were lots of emerging eco brands in the cleaning spray and detergent category, it became apparent that it wasn’t the same for the rest of the household essentials such as sponges, cloths, bin liners and dustpans. • Seep is the only B Corp certified (the gold standard for sustainability) cleaning accessory brand in Europe. They are building a range of plastic-free, compostable household essentials that look slick, work brilliantly and that are gentle on the planet. They also have won an Innovate UK award for innovation and a number of industry accolades.

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